Merry Christmas Eve 2014!

Merry Christmas Everyone.  I know many of you are shopping frantically or going to the store for that last minute dish because you are clogging up the traffic pattern!  For any of those East Enders who enjoy the mall traffic, I suggest a shot of brandy and a Xanax when you are done.  LOL!

Honestly, I wanted to send out some love and prayers to my friends and family.  I have a cousin in the hospital right now and he needs love and prayers.  My Dad is far away and we don’t get to visit much so I send him love.  My Husband’s family is far away so we send them love and presents!  I have a few friends who are dealing with aging parents as well or having their first year without one. For that, I send love.  I KNOW that some of my single parent friends’, who are working it all out, deserve a BIG Shout out this Christmas so I send out a wish to Mr. Santa that he surround you with great loving people as you go through each day being “mom and dad” to your kids.   I have been a single parent two times, although for a very short period of time, but I KNOW how hard this can be. I send you love.

I also want to say Thank You to the people that had only come into my life this past year.  The girls at the salon.  I miss you terribly and I love you dearly.  I kneel at my mental alter and I ask God to bring magic into your lives everyday.  I am blessed to have spent the time I had with you.  To my Friends at Moonstruck.  I am not as close with you as I would like to be but I know how hard it is to run a business and find that balance between work and home life.  I ask 2015 to provide you with prosperity.  To my new friends at the Red Tent.  I am humbled to be with you and I ask for divine wisdom on how to be a light in the Red world!

I have a list of girlfriends of which I know love me and I love them.  I could sit here and write their names out but I don’t have time! However, there are a handful of you out there who I have known for a long time or very closely and I wake up each day and ask God to send you everything you need.  I think we all know that in each other’s presence, we live, laugh and love together and each of us understand one another in miraculous ways.

More so than anything and without introduction, to Edward.  My SoulMate and My Unified Lover and Husband.  I send you ultimate love.

So, if you had time to read this and you want to take 5 WHOLE minutes before you jet out busy today and think about who in your life you cannot stand to live without, send them love.  Write down their name and place it in your Jar of Hearts.  If you believe in Santa today, surely you can believe that writing out their name, will create a magical experience for all days to come!


Merry Christmas!

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