Happy New Year’s Eve!

Stop thinking bad thoughts!  That is my main resolution.  And, well, to stop drinking for 6 months.  I have found that these two things are a negative in my life and in order to move ahead, they have to go.  For several years now I have been blogging.  I have relied on my blog to help me release thought patterns in my life and to help me find a way to succeed at mental health.  But!  I still have a lot of fearful thoughts when I wake.  MUCH OF THIS HAS TO DO WITH DRINKING.

I do not consider myself a “dredg-ey” (always drunk) alcoholic but craft beer, wine and especially bourbon, are my friendly spirits.  We are in Kentucky you know. 🙂 I did not even like bourbon until recently.

What I am finding that the days I do drink, I wake up and feel not only sick to my stomach, but fearful.  I start wondering if I am good enough, pretty enough or healthy enough to live my best life.  Joel Olsteen wrote about about living your best life and even though, you may see me as happy, healthy and whole, you are not seeing me age, cry or be angered.  Those feelings are for the close one’s in my life.  Even my close know that I don’t like to cry.  It comes out in rivers.

So let me make my New Year’s Eve Point clear. First, I hope YOU have a happy one.  I hope and wish that your New Year brings in a new energy, of which, you created.  Your destiny is dependent on what you intend, what you practice and what you preach.  Your profession is your “Key”.  (Can I get an amen from any Solomon’s out there!)  I have not been perfect in doing all the right things on 2014 but in 2015, I will be more determined to clean up my thoughts so that what comes out of my mouth is right.  Bhudda says to practice Right Action.  And in Right Doing, we will see right Living.

For those of you that have faithfully read my journey, thank you.  Another resolution. I will also commit to reducing my internet usage in 2015 as well.  There may not be as many blogs but in reality, I am sure there will be some.  But, if I am to write this story, then pen and paper it shall be.

One last thought of negativity stems from my heart.  “The loss of touch is primarily due to technology.  Put down your phone and touch someones arm or cheek”.  chefgoody72  

And for heavens sake, may sure you are hugging your kid today.  Life is precious and can be taken in a moment.  Ask a few of my friends.  Hug YOUR KID TODAY!  Even if you are 98 and have a kid.  Hug them.


Be blessed on 2015!




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