Super Fruits Friday!

So with each New Year comes freshness.  Today, is the first Friday of the year and my fridge is full of fruits and veggies so that I can enjoy a nice friendly juice fast.  (Lots of F’s here!)  I am going to spend my weekend in hibernation clearing out my closets, diving in my old journals and releasing my body of toxins with a 7 day juice fast.  Now that I am on the 6 month trek to being free from my liver’s darkest enemy (strong drink), I wonder if I will make it to my goals with success? I need a cleansing! Our bodies are under such annihilating strain at times during the seasons, I think that we mortals fail to give ourselves much needed grace when we fall down.

Yesterday, during my New Year’s Day holiday, I spent a lot of time in the greenhouse repotting my garden herbs and potting my new houseplant, Jackie. (A surprise gift from Hubs!)  Jackie is a Black Calla Lilly.   Why did I name her Jackie? Well, when Hubs and I were taking a drive through Floyds Fork during the mid-morning looking for solstice, I stated to Hubs that Jackie O was coming to me in Spirit.  (We all have a touch of mediumship in us I think).  I felt her presence several times press in toward me and I know I am not completely nuts. I felt her energy.  It had not dawn on me that all morning, Hubs kept mentioning that somebody named “Johnny” was around.  Johnny Cash?  Johnny Carson?  I did not know what he meant.  Apparently, not those guys but JFK?  And Jackie?  Maybe.  So, I immediately decided that the deep mysterious beauty of my new houseplant had such perfect Poise and Mystery, so Jackie is her name!

Now, to my point.  With this new year I am certain that if I spend every day reconnecting deeper and deeper with my Spirit Guides and my Animal Totems, I can use these messages and turn my life into complete bliss.  I realized in 2014 that I had been blessed to experience such awesome super sensory experiences BUT, I failed to connect ALL of the dots and acknowledge that I am also what we consider a full fledged Empath.  What is an Empath?  “a person with the paranormal ability to apprehend the mental or emotional state of another individual.”

Holy Crap.  That explains so much!  In picking up on mortal energy the way I do, I had failed to put up the right shield and defense up and I have been walking around like an electrical conduit receiving patterns of thoughts from other mortal beings.  Am I Mind Reading?  Not really, but I am sensing people’s energy patterns openly.  And, translation and intuition can be a very complex thing for someone who is not grounding themselves properly.

Our daily frantic formations around the world teach us to respond to others needs based on our interpretation and not necessarily their intent.   If Johnny asks us for an Apple and we do not have an apple, we can offer him an orange if we have it.  If Johnny refuses the Apple and becomes agitated that his expectation was not met, we tend to suffer in our mind with a feeling of insecurity.  The healthy way to compromise gets lost between the emotions of want and lack.  Johnny wanted that apple and I lacked it so we both were suffered.  An uneducated empath would possibly interpret this action as some type of personal failure.

A healthy energetic person would KNOW that it was just fine to not meet Johnny’s expectation and we would have if we could have.  Now, instead of feeling guilty that I could not help Johnny, I will just add Apples to my grocery list.  If Johnny decides that he needs another Apple, and I have the apple, then I can share my precious fruits with Johnny.  Should the event present itself again of course……..

I am confident that my tooty fruity detox will be of great help to my Mind, Body and Spirit and after the next 48 hours, I may emerge lighter, brighter and skinnier!   I hope you find your Spiritual Super Fruits in 2015!  Makes for Juicy Conversation!!!


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