Confused but Happy!

Last night I woke up at 2:30a and laid here wide awake like a Zinger.  (Not that nasty nasty sweet cake we pay too much for but zinging with energy!).  I almost got up and ate a bowl of cereal but that would have KILLED my 6th day detox.  I cannot really call what I am doing a fast but I am not eating/drinking anything truly other than my fresh juice, an occasional smoothie, and a few bites of natural peanut butter, or an egg.   I call it, detox fast but really, it has been kind of slow, almost grueling.

What I mean by slow is that my body’s way of processing change is taking place almost in HD.  I can see my stomach shrinking, (bloating gone) and I can feel my intestines, colon and otherworldly parts, (lol) reacting to my movement.  My breathing is becoming more peaceful and my reaction to stress is SLOWLY lessoning.  I tend to be the type of person that will expel all my energy at work or in public society and then come home and sit and fear or wonder, what the next day will bring.  But the COOLEST, COOLEST thing is happening to me.  By making a new effort to release 2014 lessons exactly into the Hands of God, I am able to Let Things Be.  Laying in bed last night, with the moonlight brightly shining on my husbands face, was supernatural.  (Until he farted and then it became very much natural.  Phew!)

My point, Highly Energetic people generally have to be disciplined to stop the Monkey Chatter and now, I am allowing the chatter to be ONLY of productive quality or I will pull out my Sword of the Spirit and chop off those voices and SCREAM out my Scripture.  Rev 12:11.  Read it.

By taking in NO Alcohol, Eating 95% whole food and drink and spending time journaling, meditating and being patient, is supposed to bring me Good Tidings.  Isn’t that what we wish for at Christmas and don’t we try to pass that along to the World.  On January 14th (or is it the 15th) we are doing some kind of Facebook Pay it Forward commitment.  (Like the Ice Bucket Challenge).  It went viral.  I hope this does too.  I hope my blog will start to go viral but it will take a person with a True Heart wishing for change, to agree with me and be willing to share my Words with their circle.

Facebook has cut us off from much of the human touch.  As a Reiki Master and Devout Holy Rolling Christian, I know my hands seek to lay down on a beautiful creature of God and just let his Love and Healing flow into someone else’s energy field.  I do not take, but only give and if I do take some of their energy, it was only because they allowed me to connect with them.   It is harder to do with Facebook but I can say that almost everyone I have spoken to in the last 15 years agrees that a New World has emerged.  What orders are being placed at your table to sail into your eternity?

In my World, God is offering me Food as Medicine, Music as Bliss, Yoga to find harmony and balance and Friends to Show me Love. I have lost 4 pounds since Saturday, (I have lost 132 pounds in 20 years so do not say, you cannot change your lifestyle with ANY excuse). I have tens of female middle age friends that I see are so close to the bring of a POWERFUL breakthrough and it only takes them realizing that true SELF Care, starts with the Female Spirit.  Detoxing and Thriving in Good Health take SKILL and PLANNING.  It take time and yes, it takes money.  But you can even cut the fresh juice you make once a day with water and stretch it.  You can take that fresh juice and put some really tasty spices it it like Tumeric and Ginger and when you really drink it, the magic of physical change takes place.  Your taste buds perk up and “WOW”, and Ayurvedic reaction to change begins………What is that?  Google it.  Then come back and ask me questions!  🙂

I know I am different and I am very OK with that.  I spend my days and nights trying to figure out how to help others see what Life is really like when you Live.  I try and help provide for my family with dignity in an undignified world. And through all my painful 2014 experiences, mentally, it has made me more consistent in learning to trust God and my Gut.  Those lessons allowed me to release religion and judgement.  2014 allowed me to practice tradition and folk art.  It allowed my eyes to open more clearly to what is coming.  I see and hear Mother Earth’s cries and I hear the prophets of Old ringing in my ears.  My relationship with Mother Earth is undying.  (Until, I really die and am poured out over her surface as ashen dust, I will always be a part of the Circle of Life.)  Do you hear Elton John Singing????  I have to be at work, at my desk, in one hour.  I am not much different than the norm.  Ok, I am VERY different front he norm. Would you want to be unique and precious in the eyes of God.  You are delicate.  You are woven and some of us are Woven In Christ.  Everyone has TIME!

Edgar Allan Poe once said “The boundaries which divide Life from Death are at best shadowy and vague. Who shall say where the one ends, and where the other begins”?

Namaste.  AND SHARE THIS BLOG FOR GOD’S SAKES!  Help me change the World People!!!!!  Pay It Forward! I love you!


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