Well, here we are!

Well, here I am.  A New Day, a new Blog.  I appreciate the opportunity to have an audience relate to my words.  However, I deeply wonder if you are indeed anything like me.  When I am cooped up in my silence, I hear the voices of many a dream.  Sometimes I feel like my dreams turn into mini nightmares because it is hard to control the many sounds of fear, anxiety or even control the faith in what I call “not knowing.”  Trust and patience are characteristics which are formed in a person after the trial.  Right now, I sit amidst a messy house, four dogs, muddy shoes, and a draining bank account.  I have been disciplined enough to filter some of my true feelings about the World because I try really hard to bring forth a Spirit of Compassion when dealing with others.  As I sit on my porch in the freezing cold, I let the sun and the wind remind me that feelings are also physical and not just emotional.  Our bodies are the most important key components of riding through this little thing that we call life.  My fingers are frozen from the wind but I peck away at my keyboard, hoping for a place to release my thoughts.

I have created for my self certain goals for this new year.  I am slowing way down on the drinking, vertually removing all of the processed foods from my diet, taking full charge of the mental self-mutilazation I have been notorious for doing since I was a small child and now I am going do something about this anxiety toward technology.  Yep, I said it.  Technology makes me very anxious.  In fact, I have such a mental war about these machines and the man in them, that I am fasting Facebook.  On February 1st, I am shutting down Facebook and Instagram for 28 days.  No one is mad at anyone.  There are no infidel issues at home and, No, I am not drunk.  I am putting a reign on my time and the quality of time I spend with people and nature.  My dogs suffer, my husband suffers, my children most definitely suffer and my humanitarian goals suffer the most.  When I spend too much time on my phone or on my computer it makes me irritable.  I can’t explain it.  But I don’t think I am the only one.

I want to be a better Human.  I value my humanness although I am going to be the first one in line when the Rapture hits.  I assure you my wings will sprout with forth and I will fly off into lands that are lush, divine and green.  I will reconnect with people from my soul groups and get to live a new life with them all over again.  I do not fear death in any way shape or form and I no longer fear where I am going.  I know during the great trumpet sound that my transformation will transcend all this pain and suffering and my mortal being will once again, be immortal.  My drive through life will have become a forgotten legend and if I am careful enough to be brave enough to keep in the heritage my of motherly sages, then I may just arrive on Jubilee’s doorstep.

I plan on entering into eternity by dancing, singing and of course, with a pen in my hand.  I really don’t care for the keyboard approach.  It just seems counter-productive.  Technology has consumed so much of my time I am now waging a little battle of the wills with Mr. Apple.  My will, is that I take some time off from Social Media (and the need to know everything so I can fix it illness…….) and I am going to focus the last of the Winter Days moving into Imbolc.

Imbolc rests with the Fire of the Holy Spirit.  The Fire is what quicken inside of us in order to transform us into a healthy person.  And as much as I love to research, blog and stare numbingly into my plastic computer screen watching all my friends, I need a break.  If you are close to me and do not read my blog, well, I am sure you will be alarmed that Holly Goodyear turned off her feeds.  “Is she ok?”  Yup!  Damn Straight I am ok.  I will return as strong as the Bionic Women.

My marketing skills may improve.  My happiness may excel.  You may be more cognoscente of my communication skills and you may find you really do like what is being said and mention me to a friend who in turn could be a really nice local book editor and see that my writing is “catchy” and my goofiness is actually quite attractive.  You may decide to join some of my future classes once I have paved the way to be a Women’s Minister one day.  I will write my book.  (Eleanor!!)

God has pointed me to a few good books lately and the Facebook fast will give me time to read them.  I am learning more about our American History and our Rights and Roles as Women and if I could start again, I would get a PhD in English Literature.  I am ‘et up with history and power packed fore father stories which show us how we got to where we are today.  I mean, who does not love hearing about all that??  Especially when you realize just how sick those people really were.   Sick, as in Mentalists.   Sick as in people who had slaves, bags of money and hordes of control.  Sick as in our country was built on patriarchal drunkeness which covered up the PAINSTAKING truth that Women were Magical. Women should be of full supportive reign in order to raise, rear and create sons and daughters that will eventually harm none.  That’s right.  HARM NONE.  No race wars, no social wars and no entitlement.  I am sick to death of the red tape rhetoric in corporate society and how we are taxed to death both mentally and physically and I sit and watch the lowest wage earners in society, try to survive.  What the Hell is happening People????????  The great and powerful Oz is actually right under your noses and you are stuck on your Feeds and Selfies.  Just saying.  (Because I too wear the Scarlet Letter!)

The bright side of my argument is that Freedom of Speech protects me to state my opinions.  Does it?  Where is our constitution and have you read the documentaries on the original people who wrote it.  Rebellious children of Kings and Queens.  Bright, don’t you think?  But listen to me!  If you are a women or young women who is tired, misunderstood and lost in a sea of thinking, them read this book.  “Little Women.”  I am starting to read it today.  If a handful of women opened up these historical words and began to pray for our country in order to BIND PAST CURSES, then we just may sail into the next Millennia with a Dali Lama approach.  We will always have an enemy but I almost all cases, it is ourselves.

Women are peppering the earth sitting in cubicles and popping pastries in the toaster so little Johnny can grow up bing and strong.  What happened to Earth based healing and beauty?  Just open your eyes and you will see it.  But I doubt I AM GOING TO SEE IT ON FACEBOOK without joining my sisters in the natural!!

So, good day, until next time, and if you want to follow my blog you will have to sign up outside of Facebook.  I really am full of compassion about all of this and you will be able to catch more real truth in my book.  I just know we have more behind our stories than what meets the American ALL SEEING EYE.



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