It’s in the Cards!

So, today, Ed and I decided to have ourselves a reading.  We are really good at the intuitive stuff but sometimes the student-teachers, needs a bit of encouragement.  I mean, as Christians, sometimes people get real squirmy about cards since they are not of the local tradition of practices for us Holy Rollers.  The bible belt has divided about our practices in American and it needs to stop.  I had the best experience in reading cards today and it was completely safe!!  Not one Zombie or Hexen-beast came and grabbed my leg while he shuffled….It was all about Symbolism..:)

My Reader told me specifically to officially stop thinking!!!  I mean, once you have a Mental Scorpio who wants to save the world on a tangent, you may as well move out of the way because Her WILL WILL BE DONE.  Just saying.  Then he said, I probably would not do that (Stop thinking) but I need to be sure to understand the difference between Thought and Feelings.  PERIOD!

And he encouraged me to keep pressing to work with my shadow-y side.  This is good for me!  It releases energies that I do not find helpful for the Great Casue and he said that I should embrace my darkness.  Yikes!

Many women RUN from this important journey in life but I assure you, if you know when to make time for a hot bath and a white candle, a powerful women can surely make anything happen. 🙂

You see, I am tired of thinking about the ramifications of whist I might say, might do or even believe.  I am a follower of The Christ and I am guarded.  My reader saw a very scary Angel of Fire who Guarded me in the name of Yaweh.  He agreed that I was very monotheistic and that I would not veer from my Dedication as a Follower of Christ therefore, do not try and convince me that I cannot create my own destiny and be a child of God……   Whoa!  A firey Angel of the LORD???  Michael?  Jackson?

Nope, Michael the ArchAngel! He is my protector.  Hot Damn!  I will take it!!!!!!!!!! With Michael by my side I shall never fear.  No depth, nor height or breadth can keep ME from the Love of GOD!   And all this time, as I travailed, as I continued to fight for Maternal energies. (Mother Goddess), My Reader tells me, I am Masculine Energy.  Wow.  I have a Masculine Warrior energy and I am a Women?  Hello?????

However, their is a catch 22…….I may end up doing exactly the opposite of what I want because I THINK TOO MUCH!  Me, think too much????? Not Holly Goodyear?  I mean who has not been around me and said, “Oh, how funny you are?.    And who around me has said, YES!  I resonate with that”.  But hear this…………..I am nothing without God.

And if I spent a thousand years trying to convince everyone how much I loved them, to me, it would never be enough.  I let go of some very hard things tonight.  IT IS NOT ABOUT ME…….. It took a lot of courage to walk into the office of a person and ask them to view the possibilities of MY life.  I NEVER take everything that someone tells me as unchangeable gospel.  But take the  advice, I take the Energy and I take thoughts and suggestions as a source of Wisdon.  Signs, Symbols and Connections are help make us evolve into higher beings.  It is SOOOOOO Hard to Trust anyone, much less those of “the World”.  Am I of the World?  Well, maybe a little.  But I breath the Oxygen afforded to me my the Powers that Be.  I Drink Water the from the Streams of God which replenish here on Earth……  I Listen to the Sound of ALL Music provided by the Birds and the Bees and even Alicia Keys……….:).  I follow a heart after God.  (That would be my heart.)  And I trust that if I cannot see signs of equal Justice, for the lack of Mercy, then I just look out for the Seven Pointed Star and set my Sail West……….

I may not make ANY sense to you, but to me, I make perfect Sense.  Readings, Writings and Reiki…..THAT’s what makes my World Go round.  And……Look out World.  Here I come.


Eleanor.  Ah. Hem….

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