Faster, Faster!

Get up.  Get a Shower. Go Be Successful.  Bring home the money, eat your dinner and do it again.  Are you good with that?  I am good with That.  But do not forget, as fast as we humans are moving through this little thing that we call life, we MUST remember to take charge of our thoughts, emotions and our learning experiences as soon as they happen.  I am getting read to take a 28 day Facebook Fast and take charge of my retina and my ADD problem…… 😦  I feel like the month of February is the month to do this and while I celebrate the Great Fire of God this month, I will be attentive to nature more than technology.  I am going to stop hating on technology but I do need a brain break every once in a while.  Every Personal event should have different timing for different people but after taking a few other fasts this past New Year, this one will be different for me AND it is necessary.  I do not think I will miss TOO much stuff (for their is PLENTY) and it is up to my Friends to call me if they really need me.  We are all so independent of one another but in times of need, calling on someone for help is so important to our humanity.   You got my number…….

We Humans pretend we are so strong and that we rule over the darkness which creeps into our skin almost daily.  I think about TOO much and now I have to slow down and relax for a moment in time…..Do not forget, we to recognize the deepest of human layers when we are quiet and we can see way beyond what you may show other people.

We should all take the time to cherish and praise our closest loved ones because it is their energy and presence that bring us joy.  GREAT JOY!  Just think.  A new baby, brings us great joy.  The peaceful energy of a sleeping newborn is intoxicating.  The pure and fresh sound of their little breath keeps us hoping that human life will go on and that we will birth more children to carry on our legacies for years to come.

Have you ever wondered however, what would happen if God said, “My baby making Days are Over.”  What?  No more births??  All of a sudden that still portrait of the newborn no longer exists and we now face a society of surviving.  That would be scary!   Is it possible?  Yes.  Is it probable?  Well, more so now that ever but we may be a long way from it.  Surely God will mercifully give us new life.  It just is up to God where that will be.  Heaven or Earth?  His call…….

Why do I bring up such points?  Because my head has been swirling with energy and I am trying to bring it on down.  I have an anticipation of things to come.  I look toward new things for my family, and myself in 2015.  I have great hope for my Husband and my Parents.  And for my Dogs (of which two are still here) and for most of all, great hope for my Children.  I hope that those two rug rats get everything in life they manifest. I ASK God to let it be for their highest good!!  And when they turn and look at me in 10 years (with my grandchildren) they too, will see what it is like to want to leave on a legacy.  I am a women.  That I know for sure.  Everything else is contingent on something else.  I hope that the day will come very soon that I can minister to women and show them GREAT POSITIVE energy so that their sense of negative emotions will release back into Mother Earth from wince it came…………Is that something you could do?  Release stale and blocked energies.  (Reiki, Reiki Reiki!)  I hope for you, the answer is a BIG YES!!!!!  YES!!!!! YES!!!!

..It is Tuesday.



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