Help!! Need Teen Boy Age Advice…….

UGH…….And after just yelling at my son to get the bus, I realized that I am struggling with something.  I feel like that I have to micromanage everything my son does when it comes to responsibilities.  I know he is a brilliant growing young man but I swear, unless I stand over him and remind him to do the simpler things, they DO NOT GET DONE!!  Over and Over and Over again, for years now, I have been trying to get him to pay attention to the little things.  He is ignoring me on really goofy stuff like flush the toliet, shut the shower curtain, pick up your wet towels and make your bed.  Or, rinse your dishes and stop throwing clothes all over your room and pick up dog poop or take out the trash when it is overflowing.  Instead, he shoves in the Fruity Peebles box and it hangs half way out of the can……….  My son, does not back talk, and he does not get into much, if any trouble.  He is very low key and did I say quiet?  But what do you about someone that just will not follow the simple instructions in life without me micromanaging him and becoming a DRILL INSTRUCTOR??  HELP!!

I need some advice from Mom’s of Teen age boys.  I don’t want to be emotionally angry at him for his apparent laziness. It sounds awful to say that about your child but SHIT!  I mean, I get to spend at best, and hour a day with him, and that is usually right after everyone has gotten home after a hard day of working and school.   So who wants to fight and bicker?????

Sometimes, I have to remind myself that he is at school interacting with a whole bunch of other energies but I am ready to resort to some type of consequence about our internal issue here at home.   Anyone out there been through this?  If so, take the wheel and send me some advice!!!


Mean Mommy

2 thoughts on “Help!! Need Teen Boy Age Advice…….

  1. Miss Holly…
    As a mother of 4 boys and 1 girl, I am shocked at the difference in gender. We are not hardwired like they are, so it goes to say that our experience with understanding them is limited. I will give you the best advice I know.

    First, he is growing up. Your days of mothering are pretty much over. He gets it, doesn’t want to do it, but will when he absolutely has too. This is nature’s way of preparing both of you for the great departure. Soon, he will give you something like this… “Mom, I am not a little boy anymore. I can take care of myself. Back off and give me space.” It will break your heart and you will feel like you want to die. They will purposely cut ties for a season and jump into discovering themselves. They will make mistakes, learn new things and find out who they really are. You are on pace. Don’t worry, he’ll get it.

    Until then, and this works with all males, find as many was to make appeals through his senses. Men are very sensory; see, hear, taste, touch, smell. When you have to make an appeal to them… Don’t just talk. Grab their hands so they can feel your fingers. Make them look you in the eye. Then talk to them. They will hear, see, and feel you. They have a 180 percent better chance of remembering what you just said. I have even went so far and like my son’s check once because I needed to make sure that he remembered what I said because it was REALLY IMPORTANT. He remembered that one for sure because I sure got his attention. A cotton ball with essential oils works too… Something to shock the system!

    Your gonna make it girl. Hang in there. That’s my best advice I got.

    1. Thank you! Yes, when he pulls back from my touch, I gently hold his hand or hug him and ask him why he retracts from Human touch. It is age and it is also our society trying to desensatize our children. However, unless he figures out how to pay attention to general issues like flushing and putting his dirty clothes in the basket, not on the floor beside it, he is going to have me growling up his dexterity for sure!!! I do not ask much of my kids but a little respect and gratitude goes a long way WITH ME baby…I don’t like wishing he would grow up, out and get a job so soon in life and I know he loves me. But when he gets his own place, I am going to drink all his Milk in one single sitting AND, wipe my mouth on his couch while I wipe peanut butter on his walls. Tit for Tat. LOL! 🙂

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