Thank you for the Help!

To everyone that took the time to send me messages about my Teen Age Mutant Ninja, thank you!!  It is funny, he came to me when I got home last night and we spent hours talking about everything. His choice.  We did pull the video games for a while, since he wants to make sure his grades are up to par and I see him wanting to become a man.  I have a GREAT kid.  Messy, but GREAT.  So, on a partially different note……………..

My eyes were opened a little more to what our young people are facing today.  All I can say is that in the last few months, I have come across many people who are really concerned about the world at large….My son has concerns too.

My dentist even stopped this week to have a 10 minute conversation with me about the nature of our Global Economy and the world at hand.    I think I have made myself very clear that I am a Fair and Just person (most of the time) and when I am not, it is usually because I feel pressed in a situation and I usually come out kicking and screaming (Spiritually) when I cannot see a positive outcome for a greater good.  Now, for someone with my intense emotional capability, I am sure even my writing seems a bit trajectory.  (All over the place).  And, well, it is.  That is because, when I sleep, I dream big stuff, and when I wake up everyday, I realize the power of dreaming and even more so, I realize the Power of Being Human.

My personal relationships with my mother, children and husband are amazing.  We see hold each other dear and we know why.  For Love and Other Unconditional Things………….

My interactions with any other younger generation is usually limited.  But, I want to change that……………I see the ladies in my circle group emit some TRU TRU Power.  Emotion.  Love.  They emit the desire to change their destiny for their Highest Good as well as everyone else’s. Most of them are at least 10 years younger than me.  They know, we have to do the Work.

When I come across younger folks who have an entitlement mentality, it makes me C-R-A-Z-Y!  I love gifts and giving and getting but this entitlement mentality creeps into our Nation, and everyone pays the price.  Middle Class, Working Class, Teachers, Doctors, CHILDREN and yes, even the politicians will be suffering because of someone else taking advantage of another.  BUT!!!  If we who know their is a better way and do not teach out younger kids how to balance their emotions and listen to their Spirit, (And the Holy Spirit) my dentist very well may be right.  And I quote...”I think we are in trouble.”

I am thankful that I am staying on this course.  I have Spiritual Trust in God.  I may use angel cards or candles or incense or the Wheel of the Year or I may use the Joys of Christmas, to celebrate all things good but I am not going to hide my eyes from the real obstacles in this world and I am certainly not going to stop writing about it.  The bible puts it very plainly.  There are seven deadly sins.  Greed, Lust, Gluttony, Pride, Wrath, Slothfulness and Envy.  Now that is some ugly shit!  Right?  Most of us do not wish to carry around any emotion that that would symbolize these dreadful things.  But, I ask you to check your Chakras today and see if when you read those words, anything happens.  Any tummy twinges or lumps in the throat?

There is a great awakening happening all around.  And the entitlement issue in our country will be eliminated one way or another.  For those who are seeking full on light and love, it will not affect you.  For we war NOT against Flesh but Princes of the Air.  This means, you are in a WAR.  All of us are fighting for ultimate survival.  I want to start teaching more of this……..I have had to survive many things emotional.

Now you may see a bit deeper of why I get sideways when I see LAZY Actions…………I will not allow that curse to rest on my Teen ager.  It is one of the Seven Deadlies!!  I break that curse off of my Son in the Name of Jesus.  And I also ask Thor to come in as well and use his Thunder and Lightening to come in and destroy anything trying to bind my son from his destiny.  He is a Royal over his own life. A Spiritual Blue Blood.  And what momma would not feel that way about her child????  Right?

Thank you all again for helping me through yesterday.  May my passion for protecting our kids bleed through my words and may it cause you to fight with me for a better World.


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