2015 Mental Health Awareness Campaign. (Making Emotions Work.)

I have decided to share some things today that will show women how to grow.  I hope the content will give hope to the Millennials.  You know, the generation born from the 80’s into the early 21st Century.  

I am heading up the roller coaster toward age 43.  I have written a lot about my personal experiences and it has been in hopes that someone out there will be helped.  You see, Powerful Women have dark places and no one wants to admit it.   I guess I am the only one, right?  Hardly.

I am bullet proof with nothing to lose so fire away at me…….

This week I gave my termination notice at the staffing agency.  Helping people find labor jobs has been an eye opening experience.  And, I have decided instead of fighting off the desire to write professionally, I want to be a an experimentalist and just go for it!  You know, people love to read stuff that proves theories like Alfred.  Jung.  and even Brown. (Sylvia).

In the past two weeks  as I have been dark on Facebook and it has been nice but I realize if you pull it back up you feel like you missed two weeks of a series saga. Now please don’t take that offensively (My friends are more than a TV show to me) but when you are trying to follow 600 people at a time socially it can be taxing on the ADD portion of my brain.  One of my tips for treating symptoms of TechnoStress is by Turning it off even for a few days!

You see, my determination to disconnect from being overly “social” has proven very spiritual.  From the core of my Second Chakra (Orange), I have been exercised down to the roots. (I think someone threw Holy Water at me.) LOL!

But God’s merciful Spirit came down and ripped the core of Fear right out from under me.  I was holding that Fear as a Security Blanket for other defense tactics.  Things like Jealousy, Materialism and Suspicion live in that Chakra and should anyone get TOO close, you know, we are at the emotional place of survival and sometimes that means war.  But, only if you allow it.  I have found through the powerful exercises called “Faith Talkers” making final decision to change your daily routine takes a shaking!   Faith Talkers are people who talk to Angels.  God’s perfect Employee.

My Angel has been Michael for sometime now.  When I get afraid of ANYTHING he reminds me he stands to the left of my left shoulder.  He is too bright for me to see so I have to “Know” he is there.  He comes in the name of Yahwah.  My current FEAR is stemming from several common issues and a couple of others that I am facing which require drastic change.  My family and I have moved 6 times in 12 years.  It may happen again real soon.  And that move, may be Epic!

So with this new profession change I have decided (for now) just be Holly Goodyear.  I need to learn to be a confident women who is not afraid of a good challenge and start finding career success.  I want to be a Teacher.  And, Mrs. Holly Goodyear will have several roles at my company.  Here are the rules.

Rule #1: She will first need to show up.  She will need to report to her central office and urge the Mind, Body and Spirits to align with the Mission Statement.  (TBD).

Rule #2: Create a Mission Statement.  A Mission Statement is a written declaration of an organization’s core purpose and focus that normally remains unchanged over time.  It is time to organize my emotions.  I am going to treat this like a real business.  And by Freelancing, Writing, Speaking, and Believing that one day, I will publish and I will be a Powerful Women Speaker.  Being a Blogger/Writer takes a lot of ingenuity.  I have hired myself to be a professional emotions inspector.  I inspect my Emotions and connect enough with them to tell the story behind it.  Self Evaluation has many benefits and someone should teach it to our Millennials.  

Rule #3: Create a Job Title.  Passion Writer Extraordinaire. Being passionate about everything is hard so channeling it through educational topics like dealing with our emotions is our goal.  Finding a way to share it with girls and women is my hope.  Genesis 34.

I have been keeping my eyes on how the younger girls are now handling stress and most of them in our general areas are turning to drugs, sex and music before they turn age 17..  (These are Patterns…..)  Some of them find destiny early and heed their call toward professionalism and some of them, heed the call to the Hustle.

As an 80’s teen ager, I know how influential it is to be doing what everyone else is doing. And I know the impact of anger, hurt, rage and stress and not releasing it when you enter your 20’s.  It destroys relationships.  It creates FEARS!   I am grateful that there are some very driven 20 something’s in my daughter’s life and let me tell you, I know a few of them will keep her pressing on!  I am proud of them all!  However, we cannot deny that there is population of young girls out there struggling out on the street.  So many of our youth end up having to hustle to survive.  (Root Chakra).  I don’t think some people even realize what it truly means to Hustle. Girls need a Mother Figure.  A Teacher.  (Someone to teach them Cycles and Moons.) 🙂

You know, I miss Robin Williams a bunch.  It is hard to think that such a very powerful icon could have checked out voluntarily.  His energy is still left behind and we all need to take a moment and realize that not everything is as it seems and if we do not address people that have Mental Health issues in the “Real World”.  Does that frighten you?  It should.  There are millions of ways to have Mental Health and not succumb to depression, pills and drinking.  There is a time and a place for all of those things.  But do not let them live in your SELF.  We all need to Campaign for Mental Health Awareness so let me begin.

My 2015 Mental Health Awareness Campaign will be around if you want to join and follow it.    As I sneak onto Facebook just for Cupid’s Arrow today, I ask you this….  If this one blog really could help girls stop cutting, crying and dying, would you forward it?  If this one blog started an outreach for a calmer mind and more peaceful journey, would you share it?

I vow to be less bitchy and more effective.  MY personal sagas are now turning into teachable moments.  And when I am famous, some of you will be mentioned in my Book when I go on Ellen. 🙂

I am excited about seeing all the Posts about Happy Valentine’s Day! I think I just made this my new Favorite Holiday. :):)

It is fun, warm and exciting.  I miss my Sweetheart today.  He is very much in my heart though.  NOTHING CAN SEPARATE US FROM THE LOVE OF GOD AND ONLY GOD COULD LOVE HIM MORE!!!  If it were not for my Husband’s Love and his Support, I could never do this.



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