2015 Mental Health Awareness Campaign. A Snow Day!

Hello!  Happy Snow Day!  Can you believe the depths of this beautiful wintry day?  It is what I call the most perfect Snow Day in all of history!  To wake up on a Monday in the middle of February and be able to relax into the day is Priceless. I really enjoyed my time on Facebook during the Valentine holiday so I have decided to go ahead and break my monthly fast early.  Why, because in two weeks God has shown me how to be more responsible for my actions.  I battle mentally with a severe MUSE which teases me on how to live a life of great power through social medial and how to live a life of great power through human interaction.  (Did I say I love Hugs?)

It is no secret that I share such deep emotional comments at times that the lack of response to my Blogs shows me a lot.  Sometimes I worry that people get sick of hearing all about me.  But here’s the deal……I am still going to blog about Holly Goodyear.  And I am going to absorb every moment possible working my craft into existence.  I am an author.  A story teller.  No more, no less.

Today, having this EPIC snow day gives me real time to evaluate LIFE.  I am at a place where I am going to embrace my New World, while I remain conscious that when I am in the presence of Family and Friends.  The New World is here and that I do believe but it does not have to be Fearful by any stretch.  I should work diligently on having a healthy heart chakra and breath Truth and Light through my Solar Plexus so I am a bright shining star in the world……  During my personal time this morning, I sat quietly and contemplated my next Call to Action!   Here goes……..

By Disconnecting completely from Social Media for two weeks, it limited my audience and it limited my connections those I greatly care about.  Many of you are online.   I have very close friends on Facebook that decided to share their precious moments with their Friend List or their Business Associates and as long as we careful monitor our time online, I think we can reach a happy medium between personal invasion and proper communication.  My Personal Facebook Friend List contains both friends and business opportunities for becoming a writers so it is sometimes difficult to disseminate between the two Worlds.  My Facebook ALSO contains a handful of people that have moved on from me personally and I should probably let them pass on.  So If I hide your feed please do not take offense!!  I just need to drill it down a bit!  One of the hardest things I have had to learn in the last two years is that when  you remove yourself from a situation you have been so tightly holding on to, you do not carry on properly and I fight just like everyone else between spending time online vs. in quiet.  So, I am going to carry on with a light heart and stop worrying so much about it………….

Which brings me too………the words”Carry On.” When you say Carry On, can you  say it your mind with an English accent?  “Carry On.”  Because many a great Story Teller has a British Accent and when I write my blogs this is what I hear………..My own Voice that is very UK.(United Kingdom)  🙂  Mrs, Doubtfire for example was famous for her Word: “HELLLLLLLLLLLLLO!”

Do you remember when Robin Williams had to dress in that Old Lady costume and hold up six pounds of Fake boobies?  I mean, what man really was brave enough to be filmed in some F.W. Woolworth’s brand support hose and a grey and silver wig, sporting a moo-moo.  Not my kind of Swagger but I miss those five and dime kind of days. Which also brings me too………

My morning today was filled with great healing energy and I had to write about it.  I spent time in my bedroom today, watching the accumulating snow develop on my greenhouse.  It was again, surreal to see this picturesque event out my window at the Goodyear Mansion.  To find yourself at a divine cross roads ever few months really does wreak havoc on your psyche and today is no different.  My Snow Day consists of Scorponic change at times.   The memorable moment of today day was when I was visited very clearly by my Mamaw in the Spirit .  Yup, no holes bar she came right into my meditation clearly reminding me that when I was five she had prophesied over me that I would be a teacher.  It was here with Red Hair and All.  🙂

Flossie W. King expressed to my mother that I would be a great teacher!  I remember that moment in time.  I swear it!   I was sitting in her living room floor playing with this white and pink stuffed poodle.  The Poodle wasn’t furry, like our modern times stuffed animals, but she was plastic and fun.  Her shell was something like a paper mach and her hair was some type of weaved strong plastic.  Like a Glad® bag.

Here is an Example….. .72a39b94f195a4bacb2e0bd5d7a57186 The Pink and White plastic toy was such fun.  It did not give you that feeling of wanting to cuddle with the toy but to “respect” it.  Let the Plastic Poodle have it’s space!  What I would not give for a Plastic 60’s Retro Poodle doll.  She comforted me with her delicate nature.  Shall we search Etsy to find one???

It is more clear now to me that I really was trying to follow my life’s destiny as a youth to become a teacher.  Not a traditional teacher like in the schools, but a life teacher.   I had such an excitement at age 17 entering what considered one of the most prominent schools in Louisville.  Spaulding University accepted me into the Teaching Program in 1990.  I was stoked!  I entered into college hoping to find that degree in  English Lit and my very Favorite teacher there was Ms. Egan.  I can still see the dark trim around the classroom windows and was so elated to get back my first major composition with an A- grade on it.

It was the story about when I was lifted across the sky in the Astro Jump at St. Simon and Jude’s picnic.  What happened you say?  Well, I remember “someone” saying that teachers do not make very much money and that I should switch my major to Nursing.  (Right, I faint at the sign of ANY deep cut).  So, I did.  I quicky made a decision to change my classes to Nursing and my the first semester, I was failing Chemistry and Pre-Algerbra, and I was pregnant.  🙂

Well, before I get to pissy about my life, let me just tell you, I am more grateful for my daughter than any tassel a college could have given me.  Seriously!  I would NEVER change the experience that God gave me by becoming a mother at 18.   Emily is hands down the most beautiful girl I have ever seen.  And I am sorry if I sound a little prejudice on that but it is truth.  Emily Jomes has the most beautiful skin, hair and eyes across all the land.

During her first day here on Earth, her Big Brown Eyes were the one feature that I cherished most the moment she was born.  You see, today, during my mediation I stepped back in time to the moment that they brought me Emily. I had had a terrible labor.  They did not come near quickly enough in my opinion with my epidural.  I am very pro-Natural child birth but for us teens in the 90’s, we were not bout to face the cracking of hips willingly!! LOL!  I shit right on that table and Emily’s dad left the room in a near vomit.  (As much as I can recall.)  Hee Hee. Once I delivered I was hit with PPS (Post Partum) within minutes.  The fear of having another person solely responsible to you was more than my 18 yer old body could bear.  So, the nurses took her and wrmed her up in a nice incubator and everyone went home to let me sleep.  I think they gave me a Percoset.  I was crying uncontrollably.  However, come 12 hours later, I jumped up wide awake and hit that nurse button like there was no tomorrow.  i said quite abruptly to the attendant, “I want my baby!”  There was this rush of ownership or protectorship or something that hit me and all I wanted to do was protect my child. I liken it to a Mother Gorilla!  If those nurses would not have jumped to bring her too me, I think I would have ripped the TV from the wall!  (Damn hormones!!!) As soon as they wheeled her in the room and I saw that little pink hat and that gorgeous tan skin, I knew, I had birthed “A Princess!”

My Fav Pic of Me and Emily

To this day, I know she is a Princess and I am starting to think she knows it too.  And I quote, for my young Princess Emily……….” You’ve Always Had the Power Dear, You Just Had to Learn it For Yourself.) -Glenda. The Good Witch.™ So, I commenced to telling this fresh smelling, soft, bundle of Joy, that I would always “Protect Her.”  I vowed to Protect her with all my Might.  Now, Ms. EJ may tell you a different story about some of the times I may not have “seemed” so protecting.  Like the time I pitched her AND her Little Tykes Doll House out the trailer door.  “Be Gone, BeasTie!!!!! (Just kidding!!)  I mean have you ever had a moment when your three year old KNOWINGLY pushed your buttons?

The age of three is quite powerful, especially for little girls.  And Age, 6 and Age, 12 and 16 and so on and so forth, women grown into their Powers!!  EM-J stands a change to become the most Perfect Emily Jones I have ever met!  She is skilled, transformative, and she is Dynamic.  Emily has potential to change the ENTIRE world with just one Word.  She just does not know it yet. 🙂

So, for today, I have decided to cherish those moments Spirit gives me and going back in time reminded me our our first conversation as Mother and Daughter.  I stopped all that I was doing today and I reconnected with that energy.  The Snow Day Reminded me to do so………  I imagined the clock on the wall in the hospital room and it illuminated in my minds eye.  I imagine that I heard the metal cart enter my hospital room and I recall, this Big Brown Eye’d Girl nestled in my Arms.  And instead of insinuating to her that I would be never let anything happen to her (which is what I said), I changed the conversation.  I TOLD her today, she had the POWER to do LIFE herself.  And that I know, she chose to be here for a purpose and I will never stand in the way of what God has in store for my daughter.  She is my Joy and My Strength!  And should it come to pass that we both become really “Kardashian-like” rich, then Cheers tot he World MAN because  we can share our story with the World!!  Why not us girls?? In closing, (Sorry, this one was long….),

I want to be very clear in saying, I have not ONE single regret for quitting college or that I am disappointed that I did not get that English Lit Degree like I had intended. Today’s Snow Day was enough to show me to look deeper onto destiny and aside from a few Mommy Dearest roles over the last 24 years, I think I raised a pretty awesome kid!  You see, it is never too late to follow your dreams and raising children is just a part of life for many of us.  They are a treasure to value until the day we die but we have to let them grow up……….. Hum?  I just may go back to school (online of course) to inspire us college drop out’s to say, “IT IS NEVER TOO LATE FOR ANYTHING YOU ARE PASSIONATE FOR!  So, Welcome back Friends!  I really have missed you! Follow #mydrivethrulife to find out if this really works or subscribe to http://www.hollygoodyear.com! 🙂

Namaste! Holly Goodyear, Passion Writer Extraordinaire.

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