2015 Mental Health Campaign “All is Well!”

“All is Well!”  That is what my mom Lola says every time I call her to whine or vent!  I mean what daughter does not call up her mom and say “Why Mommy?”.  Ok, well some don’t, but I do.  I don’t try and dump too much off on my mom since she has a life of her own and right now, she should be the one being tended too.  The last few weeks in a wheelchair have been hard on her but man, Lola is a trooper!  I had the best time last week visiting with her and we spent a few hours just chatting.  It was a priceless moment!  We even covered her grey’s!!

Which brings me to today!  Another PTO day for me.  Unauthorized.  But hey, I am two and a half weeks away from unemployment again and I earned those PTO, right?  They don’t pay them out so in the case where half of the city has shut down, I think taking a day off is acceptable.  Well then, what is the plan?  For today, I am going to shovel my driveway again with the help of my muscle man, Zach and I am getting ready to hit the cold garage and put some logs on the fire so that LGE does not annulate my bank account for the 4th month in a row.  Long Term, I am going to start forming a plan.  I mean, the moral of this story is that I am going to take my chance as a communications specialist.  (Passion Writer Extraordinaire, for those of you who dare to foliow me onward during these consistent changes in my life…..)  I have already spent the last three hours, writing a short story (or at least the middle), writing out all of the wonderful things I am thankful for and I wrote my heart a love letter.  (Edward).  It was a long one too.  It first said, “I am sorry”.  And then is said, “We can do this”.  And then it ended by saying…………..”nun-ha”!  LOL!  My business right?

I am going to need to surround myself with very loving, compassionate people over the next few months.  Some of them are right here beside me in person but many of you are not.  We see each other through the window of the web.  I have come to realize that a New World Audience is upon me and that not every idea, topic or blog site will be attractive to everyone.  We all have to start somewhere.

For me, all I know is that I have such a passion to write that this time, I have to give it a shot.  I cannot let paying the bills or having the best cars or the biggest house, rob me of my opportunity.  God has given me a devoted husband that believes in our cause and one of our causes as a unit, is to LIVE THE DREAM!  You don’t believe me?  Then look up Proseer1 on You Tube.  His last, most best tagline is to “Live the Dream!”  My dream is to become a very well know (fill in the blanks)…..author, actress, communications specialist, motivational speaker, woman minister and all around one dang Happy Person!  If I cannot write, I will not be happy.  And as God may have it, I could be required to go around the same old mountains again and again and at some point and get a job but WHY CAN’T I work from home and be successful as an Entrepreneur?   People will pay for advice, articles and efforts that they believe in.  My question to you today is “Do you Believe in Happiness?”  If you say yes, you must act upon that.  If you say No, we need to talk face to face.  I am not afraid of confrontation any more!  I am NOT!

May we all exude the same amount of passion and compassion that we hope to gain from others.  We all love to be around the life of a party.  So, Let’s Party!!  All is Well in the World.  At least in my world, for today it is………..and ITF it too!



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