The Best Teacher is Compassion!

Today I decided to be a bit more factual verses emotional.  I want to share with you something I do every day that empowers me as a women.  I read one Goddess per day.  In the book “Goddesses for Everyday”, Julie Loar gives us a Goddess entry for each day of the year.  What is extremely helpful about this book is that each set of Goddess’s are even broken down by the Zodiac.   This morning, we are entering into the Sun sign Pisces.  I have more Pisces, Taurus and Capricorn’s in my life than any other sign.  Aries, holds the next place.

I think you Pisceans would agree that your heighten sense of intuition is starting to kick up a notch?  One of the most intuitive and beautiful people are Pisceans.  You can also be some of the most challenging.  Like my sister for example.  She was NOT about to move from her place at the table because SHE was elbowing you in the ribs during dinner!  No way was she going to give up her place at the table.  But, that woman has turned out to be one of the best mom’s I have ever met.  And she breeds beautiful daughters too!  LOL!

Ok, I said I was going to teach you something so I digress.  The entry into the Piscean Goddess sector of our calendar translates into what we consider The Grail.  This is the time to begin dissolving the boundaries that the other signs created.  For instance, The grail holds the elixir of life in it’s precious grasp.  It contains all of all our emotions and our collective consciousness.  And, as God holds you in his Holy Grail, it is the time we are to trust in something higher.  It is the time to gather seed for a new germination.

Our daily read revolves around the aspect of Compassion.  THAT, my friends, is also the most important lesson we all must learn in order to co-exist.  If we are not seeking our compassion for our friends, our enemies, our parents, children and neighbors, then we are lacking in one of the scales we consider Justice.  Compassion liberates us.  Compassion calms us.  Compassion also consoles us when we hurt.

I have had the pleasure of experiencing compassion lately in great ways.  I hope to evaluate where I can release compassion towards others.  Sometimes, people do things that are not so easily forgiving of others but Compassion is available to the transgressor should the victim find the freedom in giving it.

Kwan Yin is the honorable mention today.  She is also known as the version of Mother Mary in the Chinese lore.  Mother of Mercy!  That is who we can learn from today.  As we experience the state of connection with others, Kwan Yin teaches us to use compassion toward the joys and sorrows toward others.

Some of us value the great gift of the Mercy Seat that Jesus sits upon.  And some of us honor The Grail that Mercy brings.  And some of us desire to teach about these lovely things so that you cannot say, “You Did Not Know.”  How will they hear without a teacher?

If this blog blessed you in the slightest bit, please click like for me.  I have no idea what audience needs to hear this ministering, but I would like to find out if you are in need of more compassion in your life.  I am.

Be blessed today………….I gotta run!


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