Fighting Resistance!

What good could possibly come from Resistance?  Would anybody in their right mind be able to break through the creative blocks of resistance and win their inner battles without fighting for it?  I recently read some passages on Resistance that candidly pointed out to me that if I do not fight ifor the right to become a dynamic artist, it will to not come to pass.  Isaiah 7:7 shows us that there are opposing forces that are placed in our path to try and stop us from passing through to our greatest evolution.  One of these namely, is called Resistance.

Just like the famous words of Gandolf in The Lord of The Rings, “You Shall Not Pass!!” the statement reminds us that on both sides of the bridge, there is a war against us.  This particular enemy, Resistance, shadows itself in the form of Fear or Doubt, stopping us from doing things we want to do.

I realized recently in giving up my status as a corporate employee, that I was giving up SOME of my rights to a necessary cooperative.  My white collar years, gave me the security of a steady income.   However, it was the demise of my creative mind. I never could seem to pull past the Grips of corporate resistance in order to considered myself a success.

My peers and my past associates would always congratulate me on being a very energetic and inspirational person.   But with my heightened sense of intuition growning and not having the first clue on how to rein in my failed attempts at perfection for my past positions, I spiraled numerous times into a panic that I was not doing something right.

To compound my fight with resistance, my “person” experienced a large amount of distrust over the years when it came to corporate people so my role in the game of life had become very difficult for me to play.  I am not good at batting against another person’s will especially those that have a higher rank structure than me.   I have always tried to find diplomatic solutions to  business challenges only to be met with sore resistance almost every time I work for someone else and I typically backed down.  So, I think I will take a crack at working for Eleanor Elaine Phoenix for a hot minute and taking a stand for living the dream that I have inside of my head.  (Follow the Muse).

She thinks the best thing life has to offer is ready to come my way.  Resistance has the tactics to stop me from living my best life but I think I will push back now.  I know I can sell more books and marketing myself better than any one else could ever think about doing so I am going to use my new skill called Self Pursuasion!  My Natal Chart even says, it is best for me to be my own boss.   People will eventually learn to trust me with my services especially after they meet me.  The hardest thing that I have had to accept is that I have some great influence in the World but Resistance has tried to stop me from it…… I want to bring a hearty value to the world with my Encouraging Words!

My service to the World will consist of a complicated bucket of titles but I do not wish to keep resisting my dramatic calling.  So, what does Holly Goodyear want to be when she grows up?

1.  An Actress– I have wanted to be on stage in some form since I was three.

2.  Writer/Blogger/ Journalist– In High School I joined the Journalism Team only to quit because I needed a camera.  Our family was very tight on money so instead of burdening my mom with this high cost tool for school, I ran from the calling.  I joined the flag team instead.  That did not work either.  I was too fat in my opinion and was scared to shake my bass in front of others so I quit that too!

3. An Evangelist- Not the Legalistic Kind.  The kind that just spreads Good News!

4. A Public Speaker– I want to find a way to celebrate the struggles of women all over the world.  I see cultures and colors and layers of women who carry the title of Mother, Daughter, Sister and Wife.  (or partner).  More women resist their personal power to over compensate from a lack of confidence to speak up when they need to.  (At work, church, home or with their peers).

5. A Story Teller– I would live to sit in a hard back chair in some 200 year old library and be surrounded by a quiver of children who are captivated my way dramatic expression of Alice and Wonderland.

6. An Energy Teacher– My studies in Metaphysical Art have changed my life.  Through accepting alternative solutions to stress, diet and mental health wellness, I have been able to break out of the hold of resistance and start moving resistance back out of my way so I can at least attempt to understand Astrology, Reiki, Past Lives and start to set my Future Intent.

7. A Perfect Mother and Wife.…Just saying………..If it were not for my undying passion to leave my family a legacy of Love and Inspiration, I would not be writing this today.  I may fall a wee bit short on Perfect but I doubt my cherished family would admit it.  I am loved!!!

Resistance can be beaten!  If it were not true, there would be no Star Wars Movies or Hair Bands, no Twizzlers and no K-Cups.  There would not be any gadgets and microwavable meals and laundry soap and Mac Lipstick.   Resistance challenges the bravest of Creative Minds to find what they are good at and sell it.  My commodity is Laughter, Happiness and Hope.  The cost?  Just a Para-Dime Shift in my thinking toward Resistance.

Live the Dream!

Eleanor 🙂

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