“Narcissistic vs. Genuinely Passionate People”

I had to stop and take a moment of silence today.  Yup, I shut up and prayed.  I am working diligently to reign in some of my chaotic ways of thinking.  I am told sometimes my blogs seem a bit scattered.  Well, they are.

However, at this stage of the game,  I want my content to come across as more genuine and light hearted and I am committed to diffusing some of the cerebral discord.   I am left to wonder sometimes if people might be mistaking my personal blogs for nothing less than self-centered gripe sessions.  Trust me, that is not the intent.

The intent is to practice my writing skills, find an audience who cares about my material and practice expressing my emotions through our virtual sphere so that people will recognize similarities that they may be going through.   A.K.A Resonate.  

Blogging is a lot of fun.  Blogging is a lot of work.  Blogging is effective with the right technics.  Serious bloggers take criticism very seriously and a wise blogger will listen to the advice of others and make notes.  I do not have a college degree but I do have material from this crazy little thing that we call Life.

I hope to never come across as Narcissistic, Vain or Crude in my blogs.  Any one that truly knows me knows I am not tbecoming of those things.  A virtual audience may not take into consideration the me that I know to be true and take my blunt comments as antagonistic…..  I am zealous person.  I am a wise cracker.  And I am a class clown.  I know I tend to spat out a bit of crass humor from time to time but it is supposed to be humorous and never, ever judgmental.  Furthermore, I completely realize it is time to use a more technical approach to my writings in order to sustain an audience.  Right??

Highly energetic people tend to get lost with finite details and just want to see the final outcome.   I fall into that category.  I have a compassionate heart and I hope to help people who need a change in their life through some type of good humor.  God knows my poor family has had many changes lately and we can all laugh about that now…….  (Praise Jesus!)

Still, I want to encourage people to seek out a dynamic life of their own and to run from just living in a “box”. (Unless you just like cardboard dwellings.)   By offering my “unique” slice of creativity to the world, it adds a dramatic affect to life.  And that my friends is just what I do.  This would be an example of that humor…….  🙂


As would this……


Are you shocked?  When you see me posting insane self portraits on Facebook or shoot off silly Chefgoody72 videos to the world just like that, just know, it is meant to be instant “entertainment.”  At my expense of course.

There is some debate on whether or not Hollywood is filled with Narcissists.  As a consequence, constant selfies and social media feed posts are sometimes viewed as melodramatic.  I just think they are comic.

Alice Miller is quoted in her book “The Drama of The Gifted Child” as saying, “However, in my clinical descriptions,” she adds, “I shall speak occasionally of a healthy narcissism and depict the ideal case of a person who is genuinely alive, with free access to the true self and his authentic feelings. –See more at: http://theinneractor.com/100/are-performers-raging-narcissists/#sthash.t9ec9YFc.dpuf

Hum….I ordered a copy.

It is time to start living outside of my befuddled emotions and not to let their volatility defeat my drive for achievement.  And, NO, it is not all about me.  I am doing this for anyone that has been scared to perform.  I have very close family and friends cheering me on to find my wings and fly!  I am fully aware that my unique personality is a God Given Gift and in order to become the best entertainer i can be, I must give to Him all the Glory.  (And stop cussing so much.)  It just takes knowing the difference between narcissism, egotism and the genuine desire to be rising star inorder to earn your wings.



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