“A Bird Named Twitter!”

I woke up this morning thinking about my best friends bird.  His name is Twitter.   I don’t know why.  I suppose it is because I Tweeted last night.  You know, once you get the Twitter bug is is hard to stop.  Apparently, Twitter is where the real scoop is.  Right………?  Twitter is the most beautiful Parakeet I have ever seen!  Hands down, he is the deepest blue and has the most superb markings.  I never liked birds in the house.  It must have been all the slimy poop. 😦  But, Twitter is worth it!

Seriously now, Thinking of Twitter, I started to write down all the words that were popping in my head.  I conscious do that early in the morning so I can plan my day.  As I get moving each morning, I start looking for little peculiar connections from waking up. I wrote about Twitter and almost 20 other neat little topics.  I think God must have given me twenty catchy little titles for a bunch of short stories.  And, aren’t you all lucky!  You see, at 6a.m. on a Thursday, I am bombarded with great story titles and a stopped up toilette!  So, I just had grab my pencil!  (Insert Selfie that Looks Like A Pencil!)  LOL!


A few of the catchy phrases went like this.


To Market to Market.

Jesus Had To Leave His City.

Jesus Had To Take the Boat Out.

Jesus Wept Greatly In the Garden.

That’s enough.  I will spare you the others.  I know you are just way to busy to take a moment and read a good story.  Perhaps, if you change your mind, you can start to follow me on Twitter and on Youtube and Linked In for more great ideas, comedy and some much needed laughter in the World, especially at work.  You may even catch a “Poem or Two” by Eleanor Elaine Phoenix on Facebook too if you follow her!)

And in the event you become confused on what I am doing now, just remember these three words.  Living, the, Dream.  See Ya!  Bye!


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