“Sustainable Marriage’s Should Have a Scoop of Support!”

I’ll have what she is having!  That is what real friends say to you when they see how happy you are that you have found that perfect someone to share your life with.   Being happy for each other is so important.  It keeps love circulating through the World and it is a real compliment when people notice how much in love you are.  I use the coined word “Sweet” to describe how I feel about my husband.  We have a decant match made in heaven and I just have to give Praise today!

So, let me ask you is your spouse the person who sees you in those times when the two of you are behind closed does and you are at the end of your rope because you cannot pay the light bill, or your mother has been diagnosed with an illness or your car is in the shop with no way to get it out?   Is your partner the one that spends those times with you sitting together in bed drinking cup after enormous cup of morning Joe, just wanting more for each other?  Do you share bonds so tight that you find wholeness in your marriage and will you both work to find a sense of peace even when you do not know what direction you are heading?  Do you know what makes all that sustainable?  You trust each other!

And if you are Ed and Holly, and after all of life’s unknown questions are answered for you, (psyche)…. well, you go out and get Hot Fudge Sundae’s!  Yep, when we are at a crossroads in life, we typically will dart out and drive thru Mc’s and get oooy-gooey Hot Fudge Sundae’s and sometimes with extra fudge.  (No nuts for me!  I am already Nuts! ) It’s in those moments he and I find peace and laughter knowing that our life will turn out perfectly fine.   We know through all of the unexpected challenges we have faced, we know our Love is Unbreakable and Sustainable.

A little more mush, mush you say?  OK!….

Well, to give shout out to this exceptional Man, I have to say specifically what I love most about my adorable husband. (insert selfie)….

My love

Ed is Kind, Gentle and Loving, period.  He is the most sensitive, yet, power packed person I know.  He creates magic in our house and then blames it on me. LOL!  You see, Ed thinks that I am the perpetrator of all this warm magic in our house with my home made goodies, silly chef goody videos and my superb talent in rearranging the entire house twice per year,  looking for that Feng Shui like illusion so it will feel new again.   But no, no, no!  It is Edward’s undying support for our marriage that causes me to be a complete women.  And what I mean by complete, is complete.  Without a strong man, you cannot have a strong women and likewise.

He always takes me at full face value and is the ONLY person I will ever show my true self to.  (I trust him that much).  That is very hard for an independent women to do.  Not one time has this man ever asked me to stop following my dreams.  He even nicknamed me Babs!  At first, when he called me that I said “Hey, You calling’ me dramatic?” Then I realized it was a genuine term of endearment that he had created for me because our happiness makes us both very happy!   And Babs is a fun nickname!

Not only does he encourage me to find my dreams, he is looking for his as well.  And for that alone, I support him!  The artistic ability of this man is incredible to say the least.  His artwork is amazing and puts Charles Wysocki to shame!  (Don’t know who that is?  Look it up!”)

Ed has worked diligently in the last 12 years to created a sustainable partnership with me and he always promises to be my guard me and be my strong tower.  You would think that would be God’s job to do that (and spiritually it is) but my fallible flesh needs a man of honor.  I have that in Ed.   I see Ed in the same way I see my Father in Heaven.  I see Ed as a complete replication of the Most High God and that he is becoming the best husband he can be just as Jesus asked him to be.

He is the spiritual male leader in our household.  I may be the loud one but he is the strong one and yes, he leads me as I lead him!  I may be the funny one but he is the perfectly balanced one.  I may be the Women, but he, is THE MAN and we both share equally the rights to be King and Queen in our Mansion.  It is what makes the Fairy Tale of Happily Ever After come true for us.

Had enough? Well, I will end today with all this goo’shee stuff by saying this…….  If you have a soul mate and you have not told them how important they to the center of your union, then do so right now.  You don’t have to blog it like me but find time to tell  them.  It promotes real relational healing.

And if you are someone seeking for that special person in your life, start praying to God  to bring you exactly what you need to “complete” you.  Take a trip to Mc’s and sit down and mindfully eat a Hot Fudge Sundae. (Just one of course!)…. It can’t hurt anything unless you have lactose intolerance.  Mr. or Mrs Right may just walk right up to you and you’ll know if they are an answer to a prayer.  You just may find God will plop them down right under your chocolate covered nose.  🙂


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