“Can a Woman Honor a Jewish Holiday and Not be Judged?”

Hello and Happy Purim!  Yes, March 5th marks the celebration of Purim and we are blessed to honor this date with a full moon.   Purim, in general, is a celebration of one beloved Queen Esther’s efforts to save her people from annihilation by a treacherous man by the name of Haman.  The basic gestures of brotherhood and good will are presented to us during this time and a wise person would do themselves some good in learning a little bit about how other cultures honor our beloved Creation.

As a simple, (very simple) American woman, it may seem silly to you that I mention this Jewish Holiday since I am in no way considered Orthodox.  Yet I do have great appreciation and respect for the Jewish/Hebrew Culture so I am honored to meditate on the value of this day.  In fact, I think we Christians would be foolish to disregard the Hebrew standards and if we fail to learn from the symbology behind their traditions, we are lacking in Wisdom.  Jesus followers or not, you really should consider where all these celebrations originate from in order to have a full view of the mountain top!  Nothing gets my goat faster than crusty hateful Christians that say we cannot honor another persons belief system and share in the joy of the blessing when honoring these special days.  That is just plain ignorant and separates us from Unity……  (exit soapbox).

Studying very briefly this Purim Holiday, I am pressed to celebrate our most important American Privilege.  Monumental Freedom.  And just as in Queen Esther’s case, she beckoned to her King to save her people from the evil conspiracy conjured up by one very prejudice man.  Haman, was a racist extremist and may I say, “experienced his Karma in the most theatrical of forms.”

But it took courage and strength for Queen Esther to go before the King unannounced, begging him to Free her People from his deadly plan.  Her famous words before she walked that hall of shame……???  “IF I Perish, I Perish.”

And, what about the brave American Words by Patrick Henry which are similar to these of Queen Esther?  “Give me Liberty or Give me Death.”  Prior to the Revolutionary War, he shouted these words to the provisional government. (The Virginian Conventionalist).  These men were trying to establish a system so that everyone could approach American soil within their safe harbor rights and Patrick Henry was a huge proponent for individualism and independence in the original American Colonies.

And well, what about this Lady?  (well, sort of a lady minus the concrete busts and all)……

Full Moon and Statue of Liberty

Is this not a powerful reminder that even in the darkest of times, our Lady Liberty shines bright for all to see?  Hands down, Lady Liberty is the most splendid of matriarchs. She is the symbol of Freedom in America.  (And she is not even from American really.  She is French for crying out loud!!  Is anyone scoffing at her for honoring our traditions)?  Nope.  Lady Liberty shines out and reminds us to let others enjoy what Patrick Henry and other American settlers worked so hard to establish.

The more I think about it, the less I feel overlooked when the World at large is my playground thanks to Freedom.  I do not worry about judgement from others any longer about why I do what I do.  You see, symbolic understanding is as plentiful as ever thanks to the internet, so we can take the time to learn about other cultures and participate in the beautiful energy that is created through these wonderful celebrations.  It blesses others just as much as it blesses you.

I am so thankful that I followed the direction of the Purim Holiday tradition and gave aid to those in need this week.  I also enjoyed my time doing some extra curricular baking in the kitchen.

Tomorrow, I will happily adorn a white feathery masquerade while I sing America the Beautiful (very loudly may I add) and drink some plum brandy.  (Weather permitting I can get out and get some……..)

If not, I have a wee little stash of Makers Mark in the cabinet and if all else fails, celebrating with one shot of Kentucky American made Bourbon works nicely too.  I am not prejudice against barley, corn or rye.  They are all really nice ingredients! 🙂 🙂

Cheers to Brother and Sisterhood.  May God teach all of us to put down our guns and celebrate life today here on planet Earth.


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