“The Power of Simply Asking. Finding Your Soul’s Voice.”

We have all seen it……  You know, when someone you know and love is facing some dreadful illness and you do not know EXACTLY what to do for them.  Prayer is the obvious thing and the best thing to do and we all tend to want to see the whole thing just go away so no one has to endure any pain.  If that is not in God’s plan then how do you react to someone else’s hardship and believe that through action miracles DO happen?

Asking what you can do is very important but in most cases, people are just too overwhelmed to tell you what they need and it leaves you guessing.  ASK ANYWAY!  There are greater powers at work here. There are natural ways of sending love and support to people around you who may be hurting or even happy for that matter.  Simply Asking will change the course of their thinking in positive ways and help encourage them to speak out.  I call this simple method of verbal interaction-talking.  We learned it starting around age 18 months.  And to think, what could happen if you called someone up in the phone when you know they are hurting and said real words to them.  Quite possibly the shift of cymatics could start a snowball effect for some much needed miraculous works.  James 4:3.

I have to ask you.  Do you ever pick up the phone anymore and say “Hello Gorgeous.  How can I help you today?” Or do you always just text people and move on?   Are you comfortable enough in your own skin to start a real live vocal conversation and inquire on how they are doing and if not why?   It is a proven fact that the vibration of your voice can change the emotional outcome of a situation.  When we are excited, others get excited.  When we yell, they tend to yell as well.  Our voice- commands are necessary to our continued evolution. Words determine what level of confidence you have in yourself.  It is proven that the tone of your voice that can alter the pattern of thoughts and brain activity not only in yourself but in others. It is the power of your voice that can shift lower frenquencies and set the stage for a more clear audience. (Clairaudience-clear hearing).

If you don’t believe me check out how these basic elements respond to music.  Watch this amazing video by Nigel Stanford. It is an awesome execution on the effect of vibrational frequencies surrounding water, salt, fire and the human body.

In our universe where all of the world is a playground, if we have to keep guessing on how to live our lives each day, we can try to do so with great measures of compassion and expression.  We can offer up our Soul’s Voice in order to help others to find healing, in turn, healing ourselves.

It is with your spoken words where God chimes in and orchestrates His best Masterpieces.  Through Music, Sound and Vibration, our mind envelops peace and finds true meaning right down to a molecular level.  Then, through Wisdom and Understanding we gain freedom to Speak our Truths for the best and highest good of everyone, harming none.  Never be intimidated to ask people if you can be of help.  It characterizes the true meaning of soul (molecular) support. 🙂

Namaste Today!

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