“Adjusting my TimeClock.”

I still have not forwarded all of my clocks yet.  How about you?  Well, what is even more interesting about it was that not only did I wake up at 4:00 am. (spring forward time) this morning, I actually was awakened with a big ray of moonlight in my face.  No big deal you say?  Well, it was HOW it all happened that makes me wonder if the time shift is not more important than we think.

I remember I was dreaming about helping my friend get her things together for her wedding.  We were getting ready to get dressed and I was showing her how to put on something. (I can’t quite remember what it was.)  We were talking in the dream and then somewhere in my conscious mind, a ray of silver light blinded me in the dream and I felt/heard this strange noise.  (Almost like silver clanging of a sword). Then, I woke up with the moon entering my skylight like a bright flashlight.  Was that the transfer between the dream state and the waking state and why today?  I have never experienced such lucidness between the two worlds like that before.  In the past, I had talked to myself in my sleep and realized when I woke up, that it was a dream, but this was different.  It was more like, going somewhere in a space ship and coming back.

As a women, I talk about the influence of the moon and Her cycles ALL the time.  Some of you may think I am koo-ookie and could care less about if the moon is full, empty, dark or new but I highly encourage you to pay more attention to her power.  It is not about Worship or Religion or Gender, but in fact it is about Science, Truth and Mindfulness.  This I know.

If Springing Forward this season means a new energy and a new season for me to work in and follow my dreams with great passion then I accept.  Fresh insight to our dreams, destinies and hopeful outcomes should be a welcomed peace in this new hour.  Most of us complain about loosing and hour of sleep and getting up earlier, but for me, apparently, it is an exciting thing!  Works for me!


Moon Momma 🙂


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