It’s Me! Holly Goodyear. Raising Awareness on the White Flags!

I finally did it.  I got out of my bed and got dressed and “went” out.  I have been confined to my house for three days with a virus.  I knew this past Tuesday I was not feeling well but I did not get hit with the brunt of it until I woke up Friday.  Down for the Count I went, sick, dizzy and S-I-C-K!  I am not sure what “kind” of bug this was and I doubt he would have told me is name but I just knew I was infected!

And, a side note prayer——- I pray over each person that attended my friends wedding with me on Thursday and ask that no one catch it!.  They say timing is everything, and had I been confined to my house on the most important day of her life, I may have just kicked and screamed at God, yelling….”Why!?!”  Thank you God for grace, now please, watch over their health.  Amen.

Which brings me too………….

Today.  Right here, right now.  At the coffee shop where I cleaned myself up, put red lipstick on, and decided to start my day anew with much, much gratitude.  And, Wa’ La!  Guess What?  I did it!  During my illness, I found the core of what I have been trying to say all along during these last 120+ blogs!  I JUST want to be Emotionally Intelligent, TODAY!  And everyday.  

And because I had not been fully introduced to this marvelous new concept of living, I failed to see the primal origination of all the road blocks that have peppered my quest for ultimate Clarity.  It was my emotions all along that twisted me up in spiritual bondage, but the meaning more clear to me now.  It logically makes sense that my personal experiences were for a grand purpose and I can talk about what I am doing freely in order to help others to find emotional intelligence.   “You can have an EQ that reaches farther and deeper than your IQ and change the world!  *Decision-making, Ambition, Empathy, Stress Tolerance, you name it… is determined by your EQ”.

I think we are all born with a general range of IQ and it is similar to owning a car.  You are given a model to go by (environment, socioeconomic and/or biological status) and then you, (the spiritual you) get behind the wheel and determine the course.  You control the locks, the peddles, the brakes and when to refuel.  We are provided signs and road blocks to intelligently guide us to our next possible movements.  And if, and only if, you can work synchronistically, with your EQ and your IQ, every area of your life will flourish!  Your Business will Grow.  Your Kids will Love you More.  Your spouse will find you most attractive and you will begin to Love Yourself just as God Loves you.  (In the cases where the last sentence is not applicable to you, then you really need to take a look at your EQ and the EQ of your relationships).

Scientifically, I have been trying to find a way to bottle up and qualify my emotions through some very deep and painful expression.  While fighting the battle of my emotions, I was  haphazardly looking for a way to validate what was happening to me so I could determine if the experience was useful or futile.

Meaning that, my Spirit Man was testing my Logical Man to determine whether or not my Mental Man and his/her reactions to my Emotional energy (personal energy), was worth it.  I was weighing out these dramatic experiences called “the aftermath” looking for ways to put the reason behind my pain.  And here are some new results of the test as of March 15. 2015.  “I was born to to communicate to the world a clear and safe understanding on how we can increase our Emotional Intelligence.  (No Judgements; Political’ish Religion’ish or Gender’ish)”.

If you want to follow along, you can follow me on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram under the community page names Emotionally Intelligent Today! #emotionallyintelligenttoday  You will know me by the white flag logo.  In fact, I am just short of saying directly to my personal family and friends, if you don’t share the messages, you may be missing out on helping someone you love very much.  We can help stop painful tears at night when no one else is looking and everyone does it.  It’s when it becomes uncontrolled that we face our darkest fears.   When we fail to raise awareness about the great benefit of emotional intelligence, we fail to throw someone a life line.

White Flag

Thank you and Happy Worshipping Today!


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