Flying Saucers!

Ok, it has been a minute since I have been able to release my emotions on my personal blog so bear with me……..  The last three weeks I have concentrated on becoming much more professional and business oriented once again and I have finally concentrated on what career path I would consider perfect for me.     I feel like the last three years I have been chasing Flying Saucers but before you judge, let me explain:

A few weeks ago I got really sick and was in bed for four days straight.  It was one of those flu virus’ that made you wonder why in the world am I even alive and kept you as close to the bathroom as possible.  As I slept, I asked for God to help me now and please respect all of the intentions that I had placed under His Sun in the last three years.  I was getting very tired at this point not knowing what avenue would lie next for me after leaving yet another job.   I begged God to show me what I am to do and if He did not, I would be apt to take drastic measures to figure life’s purpose out all by myself, without His valuable input. (My emotions kicked right in)!  I said to God,  ‘I have done all the right things and said all the right things and prayed all the right things, according to everything I have ever been taught, so please help me!  I have used your blessed “Word”, your Energetic Cycles and I have committed myself to coming up higher everyday, regardless of what I think or feel!”.

Well, alas’, my Spirit connected with the Holy Spirit and God showed me the next year of my life in a split second.  Though flu and illness remained, He reminded me that everything, EVERYTHING, I have been trying to do has been surrounded by nothing but a sea of great emotion and it is my God given gift, to pick up the torch and start my journey to help others by teaching on Emotions.  How did I respond to God on this answer?  “Duh.”

Emotionally Intelligent Today was birthed from that week I had the Flu.  And God said to me, “If you will take the time to increase your EQ over the next few months and work only toward this goal, not only would He allow me to connect with new surroundings and new people, He would allow me to obtain my Usui® Reiki Master/Teacher Certification and be taken very serious in my profession as a Master Teacher”.

God is very aware that I need to offer my Universal Woman’s Ministry as Street Evangelism and EI Today is just the path!   I need to begin to teach classes and workshops to people who wanted to be free from emotional bondage and still keep their priorities in order as not to tip the scales of “Liberia” balance outside of their favor.  Yep, “teach on emotions and offer my Reiki services to others”, God said.  And so I shall!

I can say with great confidence that God has now given me the tools and the resources to let go of the past in great and mighty ways and is sending me out into my future!  I have spent the last two months running around the city of Louisville trying to collect my childhood history and by doing so, it has allowed me great healing from this deep connection into my heritage.

God set me up with a deep desire to pray for constantly the children and grandchildren which now run the streets of which I used to run.  The South End of Louisville KY has been on my heart for weeks.  Now, before I proclaim to be the savior of the South End and save it from the infestation of drugs and other ugly messes, let me just say that I recall a day when those neighborhoods were the “Creme de’ la’ Creme” for us kids.  Taylor and Berry Blvd. had it going on and we were the 70’s and 80’s kids who understood freedom and release.

We did not worry about color, race or religion, but just connected and chilled with one another as “Kids in America”. Check out this video from Kim Wilde.  Need I say more?

I am on a currently on a quest to make this world a better place and I know, in due time, the footprint I am designing will just get bigger and bigger as we leave east to head west (possibly one day!)

I cannot tell you how much gratitude I have that God is allowing me to reconnect with so many of my childhood sisters which is priceless to me.  And I am making connections with so many “new sisters” of which will serve a great and mighty purpose for the Mother Head Mind of God to help us find ways to provide emotional health for our children and grandchildren.  I hope what we do here in Da’Ville can be replicated all over the USA and that the mission to get kids off the streets and off dope and other negative things!

My prayer today is that the primal heart of Mother Earth will prevail against the wiles of this American Devil, called poverty and sickness. Mother Earth is not one to be toyed with.  She is going to make waves across the lands to take back the health and wellbeing of our children and with mom’s like us on the warpath for feminine power, we will take back our streets.  American Devil, you have been served notice.  I have sisters on my side who love their babies, their grand babies and their husbands (or significants) and we women will allow our kids to be deceived by your tricky ways.  Love and Compassion come first!

Long Live the Queen of EI 🙂


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