“The Spices That They Prepared.- Luke 24. Unique Women.”


I just adore this picture.  And the scripture, Luke 24 was the passage from the pastor at the Easter Celebration.  The first few sentences of the chapter were about the Women!  Mary, and Mary Mother of James and Joanna and, well other women.  All the special women who were a kin to Jesus either by blood or by virtue.  And upon his untimely death, they knew that in three days, his body would stink so they wanted to send him into the afterlife freshly marked with herbs and spices and ointments that contained the secrets to heal the world.

Fast forward to 2015.  Women have populated the Earth.  Women have bore millions of children since the day that Jesus was born to his Mother Mary.  We have had to fight for equal rights just in the last century alone, but al’as, we still remain.

Women that spend time together sharing the secrets of personal success on how to rear happy and healthy children, how to provide love and support for their partner and how to control their raging emotions when they are enforced by Mother Nature to bleed, clean and in today’s society, provide.

In the last three years I went from having a very strong circle of women in the workforce to being very alone when it came to female support for the “big” things with the exception of a few true friends that believed I had more guts in me than to just sit back and execute haphazardly thought out Written Service Timelines and serve up insidious health plan renews to people who otherwise did not care how we lowered the rates. I spend 15 years trying to crunched premiums until I was  blue in the face.  I struggled sorely that we were not dealing the the root of the issues which were why people were doing what they were doing, not how they were doing it.  (Eating Too Much, Working Too Much and Drinking Too Much.)  I knew their just had to be a more organic war to to get to the root of the major problems in the World, so I surrendered my license and changed paths.

So, why am I obsessed with the role of Women? Well, they make fantastic sounding boards as HR managers, wives, moms and “other.”  They make wonderful Sunday School Teachers and Wednesday night administrators, and pastry chefs but what about their Divine Order to Speak the Truth, or Direct the Global Leaders on the Real Issues and why do we NOT have the opportunity to Gather Together in Higher Places of Authority in order to bring in a collective of solutions to our global problems?  How many of us are in the House and Senate every day asking does this process make sense?  Where ARE your ROI results sir?

What if the orders decided that they would allow women to come in and restructure the entire countries Laws and Orders of America?  Just once.  We can still vote on it of course.  🙂

We have not been given a fair opportunity to bring in holistic and natural ideas and solutions to the table when it comes to our education system, our diverse culture challenges and our failing health system.  Most women, but not all women, are right brain thinkers and most of my observation of the leadership here in America is Left Brained.  (No disrespect of course because we are both equal, just different.)

I push for more positively constructed Circles of Women. Those that have proven growth and prosperity by encouraging other women to trust their guts and use their emotion like a wave of the ocean and “think” am I Waxing or Waning with the moon and with my cycle.  Hell, Let a guy sit in.  He may learn something.






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