“More or Less?” Entry From My Book of Shadows. May 23. 2015

I debated on typing this.  But the temptation of not sharing was too great.  So, I am sharing with you today the entry, in pencil, of my morning journal.  Enjoy:)

“More Or Less?”

Realization or Acceptance? Today, I realize how important my Book of Shadows is to me.  I accept that their is not enough energetic privacy to sustain me at present from information overload but, behold, I pick up my lead pencil to scribe anyway.  

In an overtaken world of electronic media and psychic frequency, the vibrational pathway is now jammed up more than ever.  Even us Reiki Masters who say we understand the necessary modality of energy, do not fully understand how much is coming our way.  

I, myself, fall prey, minute my minute to the deception of more.  But, More, is not always so good.  More apps, more emails, more contacts, more health consciousness, more money, more conversations, more ideas, more blogs, more prayer, more meetings, more classes, more students, more teachers, more clients, more, more more.  But the truth is, less may be better.

Less, gives us time to evaluate the need.  Less, awakens us to find precious moments so we can fully understand what our bodies are saying to us.  Less, gives us time to reply to the numerous computer inquires with understanding and so that we may evaluate and fully answer the “questions.”  Less, gives our mind a moment to rest and find rejuvenation so we can continue on.  Less, gives us the feeling of being present in all things.  Less, is simply more acceptable when it comes to true friendships who may bond beyond the shadow of death and stay connected for eternity.

More or Less, I hope for complete openness.  More or Less, I hope for a journey with my eyes wide open.  More or Less, I hope Father Time is Patient with me.  More or Less, I hope I can continue my journey with a Mind of Christ.  And, finally, More or Less, I hope whatever I do today, I do it awake and in excellence.  


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