Happy Summer Solstice and Welcome the Sun Sign Cancer!!! Adopting Change With Each Season.


Finally!  I feel like I have a moment to really sit for a minute and cherish the moment at hand!  My recent days have been FULL of hard core activity but this morning, even though I still have work to do, I am taking some time on my new balcony to enjoy the pouring rain, some great tunes, and I hot cup of coffee!  It is June 20th, the sun enters the watery sign of Cancer and Summer Solstice is here.  Even with the pouring rain, the celebration in my heart begins.

Times are a’ changing!  The ebbs and flows of my life are slowly steadying into the rhythms of life as I intended years ago.  My primal nature to protect, provide and show passion in all things, is evident.  I am unafraid to make hard choices that may not please others, but I also am finding that others really do not care so much about what I am doing unless it directly affects them.   I am unapologetic for the evolution I am involved in and I use grace to step aside when lesser energies try to impede my calling.

I consider my last two years of “schooling” quite refreshing.  They have been the hardest of all, so far.  My evolution has required me to face uncontrolled emotions over “my view of right and wrong” and I have been shown that limited thinking is always a choice.  As a holistic energy worker, there are no limits to what God can do in my life.  If God (or his Female voice Goddess or Sophia) decides to show me ideas, concepts and possibilities as a Healer, then that is the road I choose regardless of our human failure to define it.  Some moments are undefinable. You just know, when you know something feels right!

I have been quite gifted with much grace and mercy to be presented with options as a Reiki Master, a Birth Doula and Minister. I also have been graced with having a fun job as a front desk coordinator at another salon.   Yes, it sounds like I may be doing too much but actually, my job allows me the opportunity to have fun at work, earn a little money to recycle back into my passionate and just get to be myself.  How fun is that?

And make no mistake, under no circumstances do I not test the Spirits which bring me all this crazy talent while learning to communicate effectively.  I test the Spirits of God moment by moment and they show me why my work is beneficial.  I use my intuition (gut and third eye) to join these loving concepts along with my heart.  Then I ask Lord Jesus, “Oh Beloved King, is that your voice?”  You bet, I have learned to know the difference.  I am blessed in that my holistic experiences have provided me a plethora of fun little lessons on the human design!  (and now, I get it!)

So, do not think for a moment that acknowledging the power of all this change is not thrilling and exciting!  Even today, as the Sun leaves Airy Gemini and enters Watery Cancer, I am tuned into the frequency of the Holy Spirit to try my best to treat mankind with grace and ease and to be sure to separate myself from unhealthy people, places or things, as required.  If they want my help, they will ask of it.   I believe all of these awesome philosophies about God’s time piece called “the Wheel of the Year” are just as basic as the words of the Bible.  And it is just as honorable to honor them as Torah and The 10 Commandments.

If you are nervous about Astrology, then I sincerely have compassion for you and compel you to ask yourself why?  Fear is the opposite of love.  Why would God design it if it was wrong to know it? God has not given us a Spirit of Fear, but of Love, Power and a Sound Mind.  The Sun, Moon and Stars have such great things to teach us.  The Angels stand guard at the 4 corners of the Earth waiting for you to faction your own relationship with them.  They are here to serve you.  They are considered Heavenly Birth Doulas!  And today, we birth the Summer of 2015!

So what does this baby bring to us?  The return of summer and the sign of Cancer is a time for nurturing.  Cancerians are ruled by the Moon and the return of emotional intelligence that was partnered by the wind, which came in with her partner, Gemini is clearly available!  Farmers will intelligently nurture our tender farms to make sure the plants we have planted are cared for.   Mothers will emotionally nurture their children during summer while they find time to play and swim and picnic in the part.  Mothers will intelligently encourage their children to find “that inner child” while they still can and work protectively to guard their home and hearth seeking fullness of Joy.  Fathers will plan hearty vacations for their families so that the hard work of the previous season is enjoyed and the family will celebrate Father’s Day tomorrow, thanking Dad for all he has done!

To Everything There is A Season and A Purpose Under Heaven.  You have a great opportunity this season to find the seat of emotional intelligence.  Will you engage?  I am, regardless of what has been in my life.  It is what will be, that fuels my passion to keep searching!

Enjoying Summer,

Holly G.

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