“Eleanor Elaine Phoenix and Her Posse”.

Well, hellllllo America and her peoples!  I have made it!  I have made it through much transition and I am 24 hours from going dark so that I can finalize some of the spiritual work I have been planning over the last two years.  Yesterday, I almost let my subscription to this blog go because we all know, blogging is for wimps and nothing can come from a consistent blog full of madness and chaos.  Right?  WRONG!

I felt very strongly that I should keep the momentum of this blog going and start to kick back up the other blogs I set up as passionate and legendary documents for a future day.   When I started this blog, about “me” Holly Goodyear, at first I did it in anger and out of a place of frustration because I was being “pushed” beyond limits I was willing to engage in.  But, two years later, my eyes have been opened and I can now see that the paths I have taken have placed me right here in transition and I have so many happy things before me.

I am opening up to my writing in amazing ways.  Eleanor is full of supernatural truth and is amazing part of who I am becoming and I am going to continue to allow her to work through me while I do other things as Holly.  Does that freak you out?   Well, don’t let it.  Stephen King’s birth name may have been Stephen King but he originally worked under a pen name as Richard Bachman.   Judy Blume’s Real name was Judy Sussman and Ann Landers was really started by Ruth Crowley, who adopted it because she was already writing a newspaper column about child care and didn’t want readers confusing the two. She borrowed the name from a friend of her family, Bill Landers, and made an effort to keep her real identity a secret.  It is such great fun to find a muse inside of who you are and realize that Spiritual work comes in many different shapes, forms and names.

So, what I (and Eleanor) have decided over the next few days is to try another detox.  I will be going dark on Facebook and other social media sites from 4pm on July 12th to 8:00 am on July 16th and emerging with fresh new ideas and fresh new concepts to be all I can be. (Army or not)…I am going to do a deep dive into my body and ask it what kind of foods does it want in order to best serve my health.  I am going to ask my mind, where does it find the best place to meditate now that I am starting a new routine in a new place and a new area.  I am going to ask my Spirit how do I best become a servant of women, my family and my friends without losing the true nature of who I am and who I was born to be.  And I am going to take time to get a massage, a new tattoo and organize the last few boxes of my new place so I can feel free and liberated in knowing we are out of debt!!!  I am going to give a ton of gratitude for my new opportunities https://hollygoodyear.wordpress.com/2015/07/11/eleanor-elaine-phoenix-and-her-posse/?preview=true&preview_id=2437&preview_nonce=b12bb433d6and get down on my knees seeking out for guidance on how to be a Powerful Women in today’s world.

My deepest and most exciting dreams are those that challenge me to be the Spiritual Warrior I proclaim to to be and it has not come with an easy price.  There are times I feel that most of my friends think I am nuts.  There are times my own family may look at me as an outcast.  And there are times I fail to trust in my own truths which remind me that I was born to be loyal, complex, intense and passionate and not all people will understand the role I play in this great big game of life.  Eleanor’s stories help to soften the shock of musling and therefore, I am going to use her to the best of my ability to write, compose and massage your mind so that you see beyond the veil of time and space.

I am standing (sitting) here before you, listening to the crickets chirp, smelling the neighbor’s grill on the next balcony grill her meat (of which is illegal because we live in an apartment) and I am getting ready to go to bed hoping for sweet dreams while I churn over a new leaf in my life, letting go of extremes in order to make room for other extremes, all the while, accepting the fact that I, Holly Goodyear, have made the conscious effort to keep my blog posting in tact and in no way shape or form will apologize for the next few weeks of intentional change that will come in my life. Eleanor is bringing her mental posse onboard with my life and I welcome this amazing women (muse) into my life with open arms.  May she be creative, daring and quite the writer.  May she bring my family thought provoking material when it comes to societal issues and may she also find a face and a name across this land of opportunity regardless of the challenges the common world of compliant minds had potentially set before her.

Running the Race With Faith in Christ and Creativity!


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