Just One!

Here it is! MY FIRST BLOG! And on the even of the 2 year anniversary of starting “It’s Me. Holly Goodyear.” I can say, yesterday I almost let my annual subscription lapse. I mean, who wants to spend $99 on something no one is following right? Wrong, I do. I can safely say that my ups and downs in writing have been safely monitored here by the changing evolution of me as a person. And in all of the changes of life, this one thing rings true. I am still me, Holly Goodyear, although I am ready to legally change my name. And I really think I may just do that. At least at some point. Eleanor has patiently been waiting to state her peace. So, instead of saying fare thee well on the even of the 2 year birth day of this blog, I renewed it. Too bad to those who don’t like what I have to say and hooray to those that do. I always mean well and I always mean truth. My daily truth is established right at that moment, I hit Post! Namaste!

it's me! holly elaine king

When we think of drive thru’s we think of biggy shakes and french fries.  Mind you, I love a hot Micky D’s french fry as much as the rest of us American hard working peeps.  But at what point does not slowing down and giving our body, mind and spirit what it craves excuse us from doing the EVERYDAY ron de’ vu’s (Spelling) of stress eating and allow us the right to cram ourselves with processed, fried, gluten filled, foods that are killing us much less our kids.

So, no, this first post is NOT about the Golden Arch’s (or Arch for that matter since lately I have noticed the maintenance around the McD’s has lessened and most of the Arch lights are out reflecting a single arch in the night sky…lol!).  But, my crucial point is that I too, have fallen prey to living life so fast, so MINDLESS…

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