What Did I Learn During My New Moon In Cancer Fast?


My three day fast is coming to a close.  I am sad about it really.  The last three days of quiet without Facebook and without any solid foods, only juice and protein shakes, gave me a sense of clarity for the upcoming season and I lost three pounds!  “Bye’Bye Gut Rot!”

When I woke up today, I knew I needed to re-emerge and concentrate on becoming an A-Game Reiki Master. Successful and Confident!  And as I come outside onto the balcony, I lite my candles, coffee in hand and commence to writing in my journal.

The question to myself was:  “What Have You Learned From These Three Days of Downtime?”

*I want to go to LMT School.

*I have a large circle of sisters and it is growing and I am blessed by that, truly.  Some people come and some people go but there are ones that never leave! LOL!  I am happy about that.

*My Best Friends are Priceless. #bestfrans

*Eleanor will be my forevermore Muse.  I need to listen to her more. She writes Daring Satire!  #Loveherrr  #museinme

*I will organize successful Women’s Christian Circles.

*I want The Goodyear’s to be known as the happiest married couple in the World!

*I have the best children God could have ever sent to me.  Or did they pick me?  Who cares!  I love them soooooooo much!

And yes, I love my momma and daddies.  All of them.

So what does life look like today?  Well, it means, I have MORE work and Education to do.  And In order to do all this professionally and successfully, the decision to try massage school again, seems difficult but not impossible.  I mean, it was my main goal two years ago.  It just took a detour on the bucket list, that’s all. 🙂

So I state in confidence today, I WILL work my way through school and when the time is right, I will see more and more people on my warm, refreshing massage table.  And, because I am including a strong and confident Reiki Practice with a talented and Intuitive Massage Practice, I believe my clients will see more clearly and rebook!  Heck, In my practice of Reiki I am thinking of adding a foot washing ceremony before your session.  Nothing elaborate.  Just a simple art of honoring ones steps on earth, like Jesus did.

Romans 10:15 says: And how can anyone preach unless they are sent? As it is written: “How beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news!” That is what I do.  I bring Good News!  The Good News is that you can keep healing your Mind, Body and Spiritual journey and be anything you want to be.   Even when the horizon looks bleak and you think you are a little fish, in the big ocean, you just may realize the opposite is as such and you become the big fish in the little pond. Success will come if you are just nice to everyone.  And everyone will come to you if you believe in the Power of Success.

So, do you see how personal this fast from society and the digital human race was for me?  It helped me believe in myself.  It helped me cope with current stress.  It helped me cleanse my organs for optimal use and it gave me peace and direction on what my next year could bring.  I set the intention, now, let’s journey the course! ⚓️



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