“What Did We Learn In All Of This?” Fact or Fiction Story?”

I met a girl named Sally and this was what she told me……

“Well, here goes.  It has already been one powerfully interesting week. I just found out my mother -in-law had to lay dog down and my husband lost his job.  My best friend broke her precious oil from Switzerland and my sister broke her ankle.  I spent $40,000 to wine and dine President Forresster and my right foot has a fungus.  Do you think it will get worse?”

My wonderment to her question was challenged by a pause and I said, “Sally, it is plausible that another event of misfortune could present to you at any time.  However, the karma and effect of what may happen next gives a momentary pause for you to consider, “What Have I Learned From This?”

Sally replied, “Nothing.”

The End. 🙂

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