I Want a Better, Fair, More Noble, Sweeter Life.

Well, the first thought here is that life is not fair.  When I want a fair life and a more noble way, is it because I am sick of the challenges that unfairness poses?  What about wanting a sweeter life.  What does that mean?  A sweet life to one person will mean something totally different to another person.  And the sweet life can be treacherous if you have not prepared for when unfairness comes back around in your life.

And how about a better life?  That seems more reasonable to say.  By having a better life we are comprising ourselves to another.  Better than what?  If you use the term better life then there is only one truth and that means you are comparing your life to something, or someone else.

Me?  I am two full years in into a transitionary change in my life and now I find I have to climb even higher over the next two years.  Things will change for us again.  I put continued faith into the changing things as the four winds of direction call me to do.  As does God.  And since I know that the next two years of change will cause me to streak into a higher evolution I need to decide what areas of life are better suited to help me reach my goal of wanting a better, sweeter more fairer life.   Oh, and don’t forget Noble.  What self-inflicting narcissist who desires to follow a path of happiness almost any cost, would ever expect that the universe provide for my dreams?  I mean, when was the last time I posted a selfie and why wouldn’t Jesus want me to fight for my happiness?

So, as I pray…..Thank you Jesus for giving me Reiki.  Thank you Jesus for giving me friends.  Thank you Jesus for showing me what friends are not.  Thank you Jesus for allowing me ten minutes to blog.  Thank you Jesus for shining your Son down on my face today.  Thank you for my family which really never needs to be said because it just is but I say it anyway…….

And thank you Jesus for all the grace and mercy you have bestowed upon me, a lowly sinner gal saved by grace and transformed into an enlightened being for young ladies futures to come.  May I be real.  May I be real.  May I be real.

Namaste and Happy Sunday!


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