Power Struggles and the Solar Plexus Here in Louisville.


What a beautiful morning.  My birds have accepted my little blue bird feeder and a pair of Cardinals now reside in the back of our complex.  She is mighty fat.  Maybe carrying eggs.  I wonder if she needs a Doula? LOL!  Which brings me too…………Power.  That’s right.  Power as in power struggles.  I am slowly, but surely recognizing people that may be having power struggles.  I, being one of them, have opened up a part of my heart called discernment and I have realized that what I do is NOT for everyone.  I had a very hard time accepting this truth but it is what it is and that is FOR SURE!  And what is it that I do?  I write some hard sh*t sometimes.  And I want to talk about Power Struggles. :/

My Solar Plexus (my yellow light) is starting to turn brightly and shine outward so that the people I meet each day see the real me and it is during that energetic exchange we meet power to power.  If you have a strong and healthy Energy and Vitality then your interaction with someone will be positive and probably destined as well.  But if you are stuck in a Power struggle particularly with Self, then you are facing an uphill battle to gather up your emotional health and give it a thumbs up.   If you asked 10 people how their emotional health was I bet that 7 of them would not know.  The other three would say “I’m Fine.” Blatantly.

The other type of Power Struggle is one with another person.  Be it a spouse, a boss or a friend, really ask yourself today, how do I feel when I am around them?  Do I clinch my teeth?  Do I really listen to what they are saying? Is my monkey mind taking over talking bad about that person behind my back?  If so, then chances are you just need to realize you are in a Power Struggle with that person and either take charge of your own energy or disconnect from the relationship.  I have been in intellectual power struggles before and quite frankly it happens all the time, everyday.

When you read this today, ask yourself, is my energy and vitality at the top of my game? Is there anyone out there taking your Will Power and using it for ill gain? Do you feel balanced when you are in the World?  I really like the motto at the BNI meetings I visit from time to time.  It’s called “Giver’s Gain.”  And in my energetic being I have to ask myself, am I giving my power away willingly or is someone just taking it?  There is a difference.  Our world of commerce requires that we interact on an intimate business level.  Buying, selling and trading.  I am also buying selling and trading my services as a Light Worker.  It is called Holly’s Medicine.  (as in Medicine Man)…I am no clinician of course.

So are my weekly random blogs a part of my Power Struggle?  You bet.  I write some pretty straight dope sometimes and it may offend some people but really there is so much of my own truth wrapped up in these words but I tell you, my spiritual person just sees some sh*t in the World.  And by the way, Jesus did turn over the tables as cuss one time so don’t judge me.  “Rockma!!” Jesus said it.  Look it up!

My Medicine is Not For Everyone but if you want to learn more about the energy of a person, then contact me.  My work is a good work here in Louisville and I teach fun facts about Human Life even if I say Sh*t sometimes. 🙂  Louisville has the Power to be a top city in this Nation but has Power Struggles with other city’s.  Power Struggles are multi-faceted.  But here me, if we will start to open our eyes, our hearts and our Solar Plexus fighting the good fight of faith toward one another, at least your personal Power Struggle can be won!  It is up to you!



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