When Things Get Real We Find Loyal Love.

What do you do when things get real?  Meaning, you are faced with a serious situation in life and you have to keep going.  I cry.  Yes, and sometimes I cry a lot.  Even sometimes for a days.  However, REAL doesn’t go away with real tears.  What does come your way is a lot of prayer and willingness from others to help YOU.  Sometimes when we are forced (and I do mean forced) to set foot on another unforeseen journey, and sometimes the path you are walking on becomes not only rocky, but laced with hot coals, shards of glass and large cliffs.  To get even more real, when the journey you are taking belongs to someone else as much as it does YOU, it is then, that you realize what the true power of Love is.

Love, in this sense is complete loyalty in tragedy.  No questions asked, just faithful people start to surround you as they love you through  your struggles.   Your new path is also their new path.  Those paths when it’s real when someone you love dies.  Or when it’s real when your kids are at a place in life where they don’t see anyway out of the messes they made and you have to watch them hurt.  And it’s real when someone you love is diagnosed with a sickness.  Or it is real when you lose a 15 year old pet. And, it is real when you lose your job.  All these things are just flipping REAL.

But, Loyal Love emerges when you are hurting and it emerges in ways that you would never imagine.  And more so, there are people that are willing to rise to the occasion out of no where and it will just knock your socks off.  Just the sound of their voice and the confidence they have in helping you out, amazes even me.  It it true, we are never alone.  That is, unless you choose to be.

In terrible heartache a lot of times we wish to just be left alone. That is generally the first course of action for people including myself.  But not for me today.  I need people NOW more than I think I ever have.  And I can even tell you exactly what I need so I don’t keep you guessing.  I need prayer but I need to hear a voice.  I need to talk.  I need to realize that this thing that got just real, and it just caused my heart to grow bigger and stronger than I could ever image but man it hurts.  It is like someone has a crow bar to my chest.  But this personal journey WILL teach me to love others with a compassion that I knew could be forged with some hard work but had no idea what Loyal Love truly felt like until great compassion was shown to me yesterday.  God dropped people in my life over the last 48 hours that were wearing Holy parachutes as they descended from Heaven.  And, of course they were real people and all.

My friends, please hear me.  This blog was never meant to become a pity party for Holly Goodyear, it was meant to become a light for people who live in darkness.  And it is.  I assure you if you read this today, you will wonder what my REAL thing is but it does not really matter now does it?  If you intimately know me, then you know.  And for those true loyal friends, because you are there praying for me, I will make it on the other side.

Today, I am getting ready to face another sunrise with an ache in my heart But praise be to MY JESUS that he is on my left foot guiding me through this. LOL!   And he has sent me a support group of people who know I love them and know they love me back.  (To the moon, generally. 🙂 )  And I only write to you at this moment because one day, your life will get Real.

As much as I don’t want this blog to sound like a pity party for ME, it is still my blog and I am using it to ask for prayers this week.  Strong people who get knocked off their feet in an instant need strong people to pick them back up.  I am finally surrounded by strong people now, and it was a life choice I chose to make.  Any other time in my life, I would have fled the scene.  Just remember, when things get real for you, you can reach out to me too.  I may not be able to fix it but I can send you Loyal Love.  It does truly still exist.

Thank you.  Namaste.


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