“Morning Dew. We all Will Die.”

There is something about a dark balcony, facing the woods and some lit candles in the morning dew.  It gives me a sense of balance.  Actually, it gives me a sense of Hope.  I was afforded another day so I may as well rise to the occasion.  The last two weeks have been taxing.  However, I am surprisingly ok, just tired.

But it is in these moments as Allison Krauss sings “Down To The River To Pray,” that the choir sings “come on brothers, let’s go down”, which has such a nice ring to it, it soothes my mind.  I am blessed to know in the moments of heart ache and despair that I can call on my Father.   It is right at the moment when my heart chakra feels like it is going to break open.  My chest hurts but it hurts down to my naval.  It’s an emotional pain that makes me swallow hard.  If I am wise enough to take a deep inhaling breath in my nose and think “Prana” this good feeling drops into my scrap beam and shoots back into Mother Earth, to be recycled for another round.  Yep, the round and round emotional living…….

I don’t know what is next but I do know this.  Today, I live.  I live another day to prove to myself I can do it.  Some of us have an exceptional way of seeing life and know that it is harder to stay in our bodies than to only hope for a new existence.  I was blessed to come across a charity that honors the path of thinking. You should check out Glenn Close’s charity for Robin Wiliiams and others.   Thinking too much will ensue some hard moments.  But when we create a carefree to look through our Real Eyes, verses that invisible super power we call the Third Chakra, it is then we can start to appreciate life on Life’s terms.  Life, means to live.  Life means to hope to love.  And Life means one day we will die.  We will pass away into an unknown existence so why not be brave and happy NOW and create an alternative future for your soul.  And if you are lucky enough to find some of your soul group while living on Earth, it makes things so much more flavorful.

You do know you are sitting smack dab in the third quarter of 2015 right?  We need to start shaking the fruit of the giving tree.  That in doing so, you can hope to have abundance so, you can give some away.  Seed Time and Harvest.  I think to is time to give away something.  It was in this journey through the Sun in Leo that I think I finally gave up my Lion’s Pride.  What emotional thing can you give to God?  We are in no way perfect but we are forgiven only if we Will it.



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