“Some Accolades and Some Prayers.”

At this very moment I am blessed with about 30 minutes of morning free time.  So, let me paint you a picture of my moment so you can be sure that those of you I am thinking of, know, I love you and hold sacred space for you even in my blogging.  It just blows my mind how I am coming up on my 200th blog soon and really, my writing career is not much farther than it was.  In fact, I have reserved my published authorship in book form, to one day in the future.  This is where I am staking claim that One Day will Come and that I can honestly look back over 2 or 5 or even 10 years and see that Holly Goodyear progressed for the better.  This place of personal e-space, has helped me even when I wasn’t so pleasant in my tone.

But right now, in this very moment, I sit on my apartment balcony and I watch the birds come to the feeder.  I light several white candles and I light a King Coal Charcoal to sprinkle some incense to help send up my prayers.  It is weird to think I am truly multi-tasking by typing on the computer and praying at the same time.  I mean, I already did all of the laundry, vacuumed, cleaned the bathroom, took out the trans, took out the dogs (twice) and did the dishes.  Oh, and chatted on the phone with my laboring husband twice.  It is only 9:00a.m.

However, it is now time for me to write out some special words about some special people.  Now, in times of frustration or idiocracy on my part, (or another’s), I typically would keep my anger and frustration over deeds to myself.  It is my heart to be an online positive thinker not a negative one.  I say that because I think if you are working out an issue with a person that is “personal” then for the MOSt part, don’t share it in detail.  And that is especially true when they are family.  Our eagerness to been seen and heard (as a women more so) gets a little wonky when we are passionate and full of empowerment.  But in the times we are hurting blogging should be left to assumptions and parables in order to protect the innocent. (or Guilty if found charged).  Our time online would be much better spent, praising one another and showing the technology Gods how great a Human we are becoming……..Which Brings Me Too…………..Accolades.

I have a LIST of people in my life right now that I want to say “Hello , I Love You, Should I Die, Please Know It” too.

Like Saundra.  At the age of 5 I walked into a very scary school, with a scary teacher and a missing tooth.  On Kindergaten picture day, my hair was chopped like Paul McCartney loaned me his cereal bowl. Not sure what that was about.  But, on a blessed note, I was introduced to my new little friend of which we would not meet up again until Middle School.  Somehow, I ended up living a few doors down from her at at 11 and we reconnected.  Now, how did we do that?  God Maybe.  After a crazy roll through high school we lost touch for many years except through an occasional rumor from a sister or old acquaintance.  Fast Forward another 010 years and after kids and marriages, we again, reconnected.  Not sure how except it had a lot to do with Jesus and Prayer.  For a bit, we three friends, Saundra, Teresa and I, help bible study in our homes to teach one another how to be better wives, mothers and women.  Hop two years and dammit we lost touch again.  Until recently, I was BLESSED to be a part of her wedding.  This year, I stood beside her while she married her Twin Flame.  What does all this say?  That I love her.  For being in my life faithfully as a few others of which I call my best and dearest few.  Although I am highly favored and blessed by God that He is adding to my true friend treasure box like crazy!  You could not ask for a better support system than I have right now.  And 98% of them are REAL Women!  REAL WONDER WOMEN.  I love you SLSM and I love all my Sisters!

Next, I was to speak about Betsy.  Betsy is one of those I just previously mentioned.  She is a new Sister and I am seeing a HUGE gift of Radiance because of Betsy.  Betsy is young and starting her own natural cosmetics.  Right out of her own kitchen.  I have had the privilege of even buying some.  There were for my son Zach at first.  I was purchasing them for his acne since he has such as handsome face and all, 🙂 but the smell of the “secret ingredient” sent him running!  (Betsy, you know what I mean!!)  So, having the mature age issue that I do an all, I decided to be an Indian giver and take back his purchase.  Only to find that her products have done amazing things for my skin.  I have been blessed to find someone so awesome in my life and to be so encouraging to know that she is building on a dream while Betsy is living her life, that the magic that she put in her products, made me look better.  I think that is how it works!  It is when be believe in ourselves and others, that love is sent forward and we glow with radiance even down to the skin.  Thank you Betsy for the  great products!  Keep up the experimenting!

Third, I want to give a quiet but not so much shout out to MY AROMATHERAPIST!  So, this person in my life will remain a secret here on the blog.  She knows who she is!  (if she even reads it! LOL!) 🙂  A few months back, another AWESOMELY NEWER friend introduced me to the Human Goddess of Oils.  Just saying.  It is not just what she sells, that makes her so “eff’ing awesome it is who she is.  Or better yet, what she is.  SIMPLY AMAZING.  If anyone one has met this women, you know what I am saying!  I must have been chosen by the leprechauns of smell to have her in my life.  Maybe she is from Jupiter.  (Planet of Luck)…..LOL!  Now why do I say that….because I feel like the luckiest customer in the world to have such a knowledgeable person about the lore of plants in my life.  We all are acting like we do not notice that our world is riddled with false products and medications that only make the rich get more rich and the poor very ill.  (If I end up missing, it was probably an insurance company that kid-napped me)………..Really Folks, have you not seen me posting about how these oils are changing my life!!  And there are a handful of you that when I see you face to face, with my glass bottle of love up your nose, you know what I am talking about.  Using an essential plant oil that calls to your vibration while you stress outward through your day, is NECESSARY for some wellbeing.  And if anything, your mind is remembering the subtle smell of lavender or peppermint on your chest while you answer email number 286 before lunchtime.  (YOU KNOW I AM RIGHT!!!)  So, all I can say is this.  HAD I NOT HAD A REAL LIVE AROMATHERAPIST IN MY LIFE THIS LAST YEAR MY TRIALS WOULD HAVE CONSUMED ME!!!!!!!!)  Thank you FLOWER MOMMA CM.  You are a blessing to me and always will be………No question there!

And lastly, let me just say, I know that I have taken a lot of your precious time today.  If you read this blog, I hope you heard me. I lOVE  YOU!  IN THE NAME OF JESUS!  Thank you.  For putting up with me.  But this last daily shout out now needs to go to my husband Edward.  Many of you know our situation and it gets HARD sometimes.  You never really understand a marriage unless you are in it.  We can look at other marriages, divorcee’s, parents, children and figure, oh they have a neat family and NOT have a clue what is going on behind closed doors.  My heart HURTS when I see a struggling marriage.  But I cannot save them.  Only the two involved can.  I do hold space for you!  But I would be NOTHING, NOTHING, NOTHING (like Whitney Houston and KeVin Costner NOTHING, without Edward.  We laugh on how he is my King and I am his Queen.  Although, I make him say “Princessa” when he calls me Queen.  I have my reasons!!  LOL!  Everyone needs to know that our marriage is not perfect and we fight….hell….yes…..we fight, but then we get to make up!  No secret about those super powers…….I love him!  He is in me.  He IS MY TWIN FLAME.  So, if you have a twin flame, do not take them for granted.  They will do hard things for you and you should for them.  You do not have to lose your individuality when you are not together because a true twin flame partner is with you at all times.  Send them love.  Beam it right out of your Heart Chakra.  As I am doing for Edward now!!!!

I have taken up too much of your time and I need to throw some clothes in the dryer now so I am NOT editing……you will see typos!  Have an awesome day peeps!  Know You are Prayed for Daily and I love you!  In Jesus Name and in the name of All That is Good!


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