“Contemplation of a Hard Thing! Another Facebook Hiatus…….Uh Oh!”

Yes.  Here I am.  Atop my computer setting personal public goals again.  What do I mean by that?  Well, it is time for another Facebook fast.  And my initial thought is to make it a long one?  Why, well, because when you are off the grid taking classes to study about the human dynamics and the human body, staying connected to Facebook each day sucks the element of surprise out of the day’s intuition and takes up all my time.  Social Media marketing has a GREAT place in our life there is no doubt in that but I am ready to get out this fall and shake hands with Real, unsuspecting people. 🙂  I hope no one get’s mad at me about this.

In order to grow my company The Reiki Station, I have to tune into the channels of my heart that teach me how to handle the next few years which will, indeed, be challenging.   It is true that all the years past hubs and I have had our share of challenges but when all these new challenges arise, we both tend to forget how painful the previous years challenges were and we must decide if we want to relive it over and over again?

Me, nope.  I am not.  I am moving on.  God has given me a tremendous opportunity to become my authentic self lately and the next steps in doing so will require that I find time to BE WITH PEOPLE.  I love Facebook.  As a matter of fact I have become so addicted to it that I cannot get anything done.  I have reserved my trust in my path to say if I can do one year, or even one week, for that matter without Facebook, I just may build something here on the Earthen plane.

I am going to have Facebook withdrawals.  I will be posting reminders so that loving friends and family know, I am still here, just on the Earth doing stuff other than Facebook.  But how will people find me to ask for services?  My business cards are about and the energy work I am doing cannot be hidden.  I will not shine my light under a bushel.  But I am truly scared that if I don’t concentrate on my studies and obtain my LMT (Good willing and the poop don’t rise) then I will not do as well.  My hope is by mid-way through 2016, I may just have a business plan in working order and investors on board for a new philosophy of energy work.  We will call it, The Mindfulness Arts.

And beside’s, who wouldn’t want to be out hopping around in person this upcoming holiday season anyway?  The wind will begin to chill and the sun will come up in a different place each day, taking us humans down the path of time and space.  Our days will be shorter, we will be concentrating on either closing our 2015 books out with positive numbers or busy figuring out how to build your festive social parties over the course of the next 8 weeks.  Why do I say all that?  Because we are Supermen, that’s why.  And I need to share with people who I am and what I do.  Like walk up to a stranger and ask if they have heard of Reiki Massage?  I can tell you most folk in the S.E. will say no!

So if indeed I delete my Facebook account (because I am so addicted I may not be able to handle not knowing what is happening) that I hope you either know how to call, text or email me or at least reach a close family member or friend of mine.  You see.  I am going to make a damn good masseuse!  If I get my hands on you why………………….those aches and pains and emotional blockages may just flee your body.  Isn’t that what Jesus did?  WWJD?

So, if you are reading this post and are concerned I will go dark for about a year, then share that with me before I do go i can frequent contact with you.  Don’t go a’ thinking some crisis has taken place because Holly Goodyear left Facebook.  However, if you are reading this and want to sign up for email notifications when I blog then follow me on my hollygoodyear.com WordPress Account.  I will still be blogging.  For sure….ALOT~  However, tomorrow all this could change and I could change my mind.  But if I don’t, I am thinking Sept 15th will be my sign off date as School for me will have begun.  And I am paying for that tuition so I don’t have time to post meme’s on Facebook.  (As much as I love too!)

  We can call it “The day the Holly went Dark”!  LOL!  Now that is funny!  Namaste!


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