“Let’s Hang Around People We DON’T Know for Once!”

Hi!  I am so excited about my up and coming day!  I will be attending WorldFest and honestly it is not something I normally do.  I very rarely get to go to large local gatherings and today I had to ask myself why I don’t.

Maybe it is because I am so busy just doing stuff that I am missing the altruistic point about fellowship! As a new business entrepreneur and 40 something year old woman, I find that daily I trap myself in a bubble by going off to bed each day wondering if I am doing enough to sustain my new lifestyle.  I don’t go to a regular church anymore but I am surrounded by personal sisterhood and friends totally see me for who I am.  Day by day I am learning to drop all the masks I have worn around family and friends and I am learning that love myself while being loved by others and THAT is really is what makes the world go around.  And,  hi-ho don’t I know, that not everyone in the world WILL love me like I am or want to be around me all the time but by personally taking the time to go to a festival like Worldfest 2015 allows me to get to know the energy of new people who are very different than I am.  How cool is that?

I think over the least few months of change, I have still limited my thinking.  My personable challenges have resurfaced in my mind over and over again ever since I left my 13 year career as a health and life agent and I have spent way too many hours trying to PROVE to myself (and others) that I am worthy to follow my dreams just as others decide to do.  What I have found helpful toward removing conditioning in my life is my desire to have a deep relationship with myself.  And now that I am learning to do that, I am stoked to be able to spend the day among hundreds of different cultures and traditions.  It will be an out of the box experience for me and I have a sneaking suspicion that my circles will just keep growing larger.

Is this what I want?  Well, it is what I had intended so let’s do it.   And this my readers, is just so freaking cool!  I hope this moment of word inspires you too seek out others who are not like you and learn something new.  It will do you some good!  Hope to see you there!


Strong and Secure

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