“Preconceived Notions of the First Day of School.”

So, what were my preconceived notations of the first day of Massage Therapy School?  That I was going to be one of the oldest people in the class.  Not even close!  Most of my student peers are my age and even older.  I was SHOCKED at how many adult students were in my class.   Per Charlie, the instructor ,the class one of the bigger classes at AMT.  Which brings me too……..Charlie.  He is hands down the BEST teacher I have ever met!!  Just the first day, for the first few hours in a brand new class of people, Charlie allowed us to get right to it!  We sat in a row, one body in front sitting in a chair and one therapist behind you.   Right away, we were all “zen-a-fied”.  (I was called out, (not by name) as having cold hands.  I hope that means my heart is warm.  Ed says it is because I have tense shoulders.  But, I think it is just me.  I do hold heat close to my core and should add more cardio to my life.  And I will, because I am going to the gym to run after this blog.  It has been way too long and I am sure I will huff and puff like the Big, Bad, Wolf).

end rant….

Well, honestly something triggered a jolt in my Solar Plexus. It was the early History on how massage became in America.  I am going to keep it a mystery to my readers for now because if you really wanted to know our American History on it, you could do research on it but I am unsure of you would get where I am going with it.  However, I don’t have time to elaborate right now so I will save the story for another blog………..The story Charlie’s told quickly made me realized that a shift is about to happen in our healthcare system.  The demand for human touch is going to become quite the million dollar industry.  Oh, WAIT, it already is!!!  If you haven’t noticed, our clinicians and medical staff are killing themselves to try and save the sick and in today’s case, it is not just sick, it is mentally ill people and drug addicts.   Lots of Drug addicts especially here in South Louisville.  All of which causes mental illness.

So, as I begin this journey to become the BEST Massage Therapist I can, I want to concentrate on a few things as I go along.  First, myself and my mind.  I am very susceptible to mild mental illness, however, may I say, I am confidently doing my own soul work and the voices in my head that make me crazy, have learned to take a back seat and only be acknowledged during “story time.”  What is “Story time” you ask?  It’s mentally talking to yourself.  And we ALL, A-L-L do it!  There is not one person on the planet who does not do it and if there was, it would be because of a medical issue I am sure.  In America we are too quick to point out what we all call mental illness or crazy as a bad thing verses what is really happening is people are not taking responsibility for their life choices.  We all have a personal responsibly to know how to interact with one another non-judgementally even in our energy centers.

Mental Illness has become a very characterized buss word.  We scrutinize it in cases when the patient flips out and throws their tray of processed provision  far across the room in a torrential rage.  We analyze it when the hormonal teenager who never exercises and we call it depression or selfishness in many cases.   And we ignore it in people who act like everything is ok but really, it is not.   But I am being very authentic when I say, life gets to me at times and I just want to quit but not this time.  Oh no!!!  I am hungry for change in America.  And I will become a successful and prosperous Reiki Massage Therapist in Louisville quite possibly with a franchise or something someday.  ( I add the Reiki profession certificate first because that is where the real groovy human energy exchange is and it is great!)

So, my point, when I entered the class and realized I was not alone in restarting my career as a professional, and I took a great long sigh and I said “Thank You” to God and my husband for allowing me to change my path once again.  People such as myself who are passionately intense about what they do and about who they are, typically have a few false starts which can make you “crazy” but after looking full circle around at why I had to go through the things I have gone through.  And all my classic mental meltdowns all honestly stemmed from the same thing.  Low serotonin in the brain.   Massage WILL increase these levels drastically.  And when that happens, Mental Illness rarely exists in healthy people.  That is what they are healthy!  The general population who say they cannot afford a massage or will not take the time to trust someone else to care for their body, are really missing a key element to simple healing.  The human touch responders send massive amounts of information through out subtle energy system.  It is now my job, as I expand my knowledge of the Body, Mind and Spirit to build a professional and honorable practice with true authenticity no matter what my age.  At 42 (almost 43 if you want to send me presents), 🙂 I will no longer let any preconceived notions about my age stop my actions for doing.  Had I chickened out at the last minuted because I thought I was too old, I would have missed out on a fabulous day of priceless education for many.  However, if you really look at it, I look mighty good for 42 and at this point in life, by 50, I’ll be feeling pretty darn good!  Will you join me?  Yes? Then Get a Massage!!!!!!!!

In Christ’s Love,


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