Manifestation of Money! Not a Pity Party!

So much of what I have grown into revolves around the gift of manifestation and conscious awareness. I wake up every single day asking myself “What could I possible manifest today?”  Even on those days when I am subject to an alarm clock or someones time clock, I start thinking right away, about the day ahead.  I look deeply inside of my heart and I “check-in” with where I am right now.  (I use this expert business knowledge of something we administrative minds called presenteeism as a daily tool for my life.)  As a rule every waking morning, I take deep cleansing breaths and exhaling gratitude out of my lungs, albeit the stank  halitosis is quite the reminder that I am fully awake and, alive!  🙂

In order to stay true to the manifestation of all this new “stuff” in my life, I have to admit, I use unconventional tools that others seem to forget exist, in order to help myself , know myself.   Tools like astrology and creative awareness to help me seek out my daily spiritual communication. Especailly with my own Spiritual Nature and that of God.   My body’s ability to cellularly communicate with myself on how I may feel any given morning, is getting easier and I easily tap into where the moon is today or what sign are we in today and what that does for me, as a Spiritual Being.

I then sit a moment and I reflect on how each characteristics of these ancient aspects may, or may not, affect me, Holly Goodyear, as a human being living in our materialistic Society.  (Then, honestly, the rest of my waking time is generally spent having a warm cup of coffee in bed with my beloved as we start off the morning taking in and absorbing our recent dream state and where we were just moments before).

I love how we are able to we kick start our morning conversations about why the world is the way it is and what can the two of us (Soul Partners) do today to make the World absorbingly better.  I know that when I blog hard core messages, sometimes it sounds like a huge dose of EGO for a husband and a wife to publicly “state their intentions” on how they dream of becoming forerunners for change in society. (Why, the audacity!!!)   But why in the world would we not want to be?  You see, a huge part of my last three years, my morning cup of coffee was spent alone, finding my true self, without my beloved beside me.  We had been faced with the same old money trials the last three years as we had when we were sorely in debt.  FEAR OF MONEY!!!  As most couples are, we were (and are) concerned about how we manifest money in our home?

As many of you know, I left my life career as a health insurance broker in 2013 because I was stressed beyond return and I did not know how to channel that stress into a healthy lifestyle.  Instead, watching Obamacare and the cost of our healthcare system scare the freaking shit out of me,  I cracked.  If you have ever sat behind a corporate table and dissected an employer’s financial review on what their little company alone spent on health insurance premiums and copays and deductibles every year, you would be shocked to know how sick we really are as a country.  I mean, maintenance drugs along cost billions of dollars every year.  BILLIONS!!!!  Who the hell wants to maintain diabetes or chronic fibromyalgia, or heart disease much less be told that the top two drugs prescribed in our country are antidepressants and mood inhibitors?   WTF!

So, I bailed out on making $75,000 annually and on the illusion of having the cookie cutter American dream.  Not only, were we not living the happy dream, in our very political careers, we were engulfed in an illusionary lifestyle with a Hollywood screen name that would have went something like……. “The Goodyear Family!! “Trying Keep up with the Jones’. You Foolish Suckers!”.

My beautiful Piscean husband took his entire retirement and cashed it in to start new career in the ever so awesome (not) “Oil Industry” in order to try and save us from bankruptcy.  (And That did not work either!!)  So, we fled the scene and lies of our country behind the most wealthy industries (if you the CEO’s).  I was sick about the state of our country’s health conditions (what a bait and switch that is) and before my brain turned into a hot bed for chemical upheaval and mental imbalance and forgo’d what could have very well become “A STROKE!, I said ENOUGH!!!”  The migraines I had and being so stressed I did not chew my lunch every day not to mention the foods I ate, in order try and get through my day was unbearable.  My health was SHIT!  My over consumption of wine when I would get home at 7:00 every night just be just back on my computer at home to try and survive the overwork was horrid.  I would wake up with night sweats and more anxiety at 3:30 and get back on the emails……….Over and Over again!  I sat back for about three years and watched like a mesmerized ticket-stub holder, how my body was reacting to major adrenal and cortisol poison.  (My own hormones, eating me alive!)   It was like I was stuck in a vortex of New World conditioning, ruled by the almighty dollar and I would never, and I mean NEVER, find a way out.

The truth is, I wanted so badly to do a good job for my clients and co-worker and teach them to be “well” It had an adverse reaction on my own body.  And I hated to watch all of my work friends, (working peers) suffer a mental death of their emotions, all the while, I was doing NOTHING to care for myself as a woman and I had meltdown after meltdown.  (Behind the Oz curtain of course!)  AND……Needless today, all we had done did by putting Ed into the Pipeline industry, was take one horrible work environment and swap it for another.  My Point????????? I think you know…….gas price up.  gas price down………hence, the little man is controlled by forces unseen.

Fast forward to today.  Today, I am obsessively (enter scorpio) educating myself on what it means to hold space for self.  I am learning so much about the Mind, The Body, The Spirit, the Universe, and our Emotion around Money!  I mean, let’s face it………all of that wasted energy from age 26 to 38 had nothing to do with anything but being a slave to money.  Now, can I say this and say it out loud!!!!!! ……… (And all you bitches that used to love me but hate me know for getting out of Obamacare hell, here my and hear me good!…………)  I love you so much!  I love you humans enough to start to expose myself and my shortcomings, and my story, so that maybe, just maybe all you stressed out, mask-wearing women, who work at a corporate desk or are in sales in any capacity, will ask yourself, “Do I have serious hormonal chemicals about to attack my body because I fail to take care of myself FIRST?”  Women.  Dying to themselves and not in a good way.

I bet two out of three of you are chemically a mess inside and out but won’t admit it.  I mean, those healthcare finical reports say you are a mess and you are hiding it behind a pill of some sort.  And Hey Bitches, if you love that rat race and the thrill of the chase that the World provides for you than just do it!  And, If I have finally pissed you off by calling you out as a person who just won’t stop to listen to your what your body needs, then my ministry here is done!  (yes, ministers cuss).

I want you to get pissed off at sickness and disease and being a slave to Money.  What God are you serving?  I am not ashamed to say, well, that my true calling is to expose the “ill of our ways” but I promise you, it is not meant to be mean, or rub it in your face, that I don’t have to live that horrible lifestyle anymore because I still have a bunch of financial obstacles in my way.

Like, for instance, my poor little car (pout pout) is broken down and I have no way to fix it right now.  Matilda is a 2002 Audi and she is high freaking maintenance.  Who’s fault is that?  Mine!!!!  Because I thought I was saving her from that mean old nasty sales guy who lied and said a lot of things about her than was not true.  Like, “She Runs Great!”.  But I got suckered in to buying her by my own desires because I thought ” Well, since I was paying cash” and (with all that dirty pipeline money) and was buying my dream car (as old as it may have been), I CHOOSE to buy a foriegn car with the highest rate of repair on God’s green Earth!!  Lesson Learned???????  I sit without my car.  (Whaaaaah!  Whaaaah!)

So, yeah, let’s be real here…..(as if I would not be)…lol……I am struggling (a little) to pay my way through school but honestly without debt!!!  And I will keep finding respectful ways to help put food on the table while I offer a ton of free massages and energetic healing to the world.  HEY!!  I love it!  I love being a starving artist!  It just means I am doing it right!!!!  I am building a genuine testimony for the future of our planet and this time I can say, I was not a slave to money and I trusted that money would come when there seemed to be no way!!!!  (Just don’t forget like waiters and waitress’ who live on tips, you can tip me! This is so I keep doing this great work because one day I am going to charge your ass full price for my awesome massages but you will certainly notice the great change in your body, mind and spirit as I do because I know the truth behind the WAY!! 🙂

Look silly, I am only messing with you on here in love….. lol………..ONLY and I mean ONLY because I see beyond the veil of what the fear of not having money will do to someone.  This is why I fight even harder to make a difference in this World.   And………………. the whole point of this blog is to tell you that you can learn to manifest shit if you will listen to the Ways God wants you to learn.  Like, my listening to your BODY!  A ton and I mean a ton, of stuff was removed from the 1611 bible about Spiritual Living and I am sorry, but that scripture that scares us into telling the truth about taking away and adding to the bible, in Revelations, was probably written long before 1611 and the global control of the tradition of what Christ was teaching us…………Are we really naive enough to think that all that time before 1611 meant nothing????  If so, carry on the way you are!   You can delete me and my spouse and our ministry now because we are here to share the hidden.  ( And, I still love you!)

I am here now to share with you my new studies…….like for TODAY, that the Moon is Dark and is in Sagittarius.  That means, that you should be focusing on Expansion and Prosperity right now!  Sagittarius is paired up today with the planet Jupiter which is the planet of Luck and Fortune.  And not only are we in a series of luck right now, the fact that today is Thursday, and Thursday is also ruled by the planet Jupiter so manifesting intentions today about your place in the material World is even more powerful today!  (Dark Moon though means let go so LET GO OF FEAR OVER MONEY!!!!  AND SET YOUR EXPANDED MINDS ON A PATH FOR MANIFESTING OUTSIDE OF FEAR AND CONTROL!!!!!!!!)

The energy we have coming at us right now is all due to the shift toward’s the Winter Solstice.  Sagittarius is one of the only signs not ruled by any major planet so it represents Expansion in a big way!  Today is a day to set your sights on BIG THINGS!!  How do you do that?  Easy!!  You will want to honor today with some nutmeg or almond milk and gluten free cookies because the little elves are watching you know, and too much of that other stuff is not good for you.  The elves know if you have been naughty or nice!

Or, you can burn a gold or green candles and light warm fires in your hearth and heart by saying this grateful little poem!  “Fire Makes Magic Me Go.  Inner Peace, Begin to Flow.  Happiness, I will Know, Thank You God, to me you SHOW”  Or better yet, a sign of great faith and hope in God’s magical energy is to just be generous today.  Give something away.  A hug.  A lunch.  A prayer.  A dollar bill to a hungry family.  This happy knowledge is what I call true and compassionate, conscious living.  And I am going to teach it.  Over and over again!

It makes me sad that we don’t play in our true magic selves in the world of business but we will play Santa and Frosty.  I guess that is why I am now building a new business model that will speak truth and require us to show up around our emotion about Money and what the American Dream can look like.  I am voting for a growth in the Healing Arts for all my new peers and I am heading down a path towards living a long healthy life verses facing a tragically sick and unhappy death.

So, in closing, mark my words, NO WEAPON FORMED AGAINST US SHALL PROSPER WHEN WE HAVE GREAT AND MIGHTY LOVE KNOWLEDGE.  NOT FEAR OF MONEY, OR LOSING OUR CARS, OR LOSS OF PERSON, OR FEAR FROM WHAT WE SEE ON TV, shall control us!  I know it seems like I am going against all I have been, well, I am.  I was sick and now I am whole.  I was poor but now I am rich.  I was hungry and you fed me.

What do I plan to Manifest?  That our home will prosper in all things when we seek true truth and we both have decided to come to you as one couple and teach the truth even when it hurts.  Ed and I believe that Love knows how to fill in the empty void with more truth if you have to pull out the ugly by the tree roots……..

I pray today that my vigilant writings will no longer allow you to live in fear, or lack ,or control, because I am freely able to speak my heart and mind to you as a Friend of the Universe…….. (and, because I pay $99 per year to have this blog)!!  And, I hope something I said lit the Fire of the  Sagittarius, New Moon, in to get you to take care of the most important person alive today (YOU).  Heck, least find some nutmeg and honor what is available to YOU and challenge yourself to transform what no longer serves you!  We did!


Holly Goodyear

(And don’t forget my friends and family to whom I love dearly, when we talk about tipping, I am trying to teach you the magic behind the exchange of “things”………you can tip me while I am in school (it is legal) so I can keep doing what I am called to do.  You can bring me chicken.  You can bring me toilet paper or dog food otherwise, I will just keep going back to work again and again as a temp if I have to but I would much rather be working on your body!!!  I am going to get through this new place in my life because I am a fighter!!!   People forget how important it is to tip your all your massage therapists and your waitress staff or even your hairdressers!  They are artists of their craft and rely on this things to survive!!  They are your SERVANTS just like your pastors and your preachers who get paid from your tithes…… and because they have served you well with heart felt fiery compassion from their beings, be generous to them!  Nothing makes me more upset that to see someone spend $50 on dinner and tip $2 to the server……..(That is just jerky!)  There is a great universal energy in the exchange of currency otherwise, why would our dollar bill say “IN GOD WE TRUST!?) Help passionate working people change the world in which you live in, and like any great student of the universe making their mark, the return of exchange comes back to you in very magically ways!!!! Who knows, you may even step out from financial bondage too!)  Rant over! 🙂


2 thoughts on “Manifestation of Money! Not a Pity Party!

  1. I love your rant ! I’ve been very stressed with the direction our country is going in , and we need to get over our love affair with the ole mighty dollar because I believe it’s on the brink of collapsing

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