Moon In Capricorn Says “Make ME Feel Useful.”

Oh, how wonderful a day!  I was able to really dig deep into my craft today. And that, makes me feel useful, and productive.  Now, before you say, “There she goes again, trying to be worthy and blogging about what she did today because Holly has no…… inhibitions.  She is always talking about what she is doing in the World, blah blah blah…….(raspberries blow.:P)” Well, I need you to realize that each and every day brings us new and amazing energy and I blog about it because I LOVE IT!! I love knowing that each and every minute of my day is lived in divine consciousness.  It is when we are willing to tap into it, that we are living our most genuine life.  The moon went into Capricorn today around 2:00 today and we are heading right into the most awesome time of year called “summer’s death!”  Yes, the season of fall is dying and we see the trees dying and the seeds we planted months ago, are going into a deep sleep.  I love spiritual dying and it is also know as something magical, called winter.   Now, hear me, I need you to remember we are in a Sagittarius Sun sign but each month our precious Mother Moon goes in and out of each constellation for about 2.7 days and spends a hot minute shooting down energies at us at rapid speed.  So when I say the moon went into Capricorn today, it is only for a couple of days, so I want to be sure and honor the meaning of the sign and what it says to me.  Circa what does that mean for today??  Formality, strictness and exactitude.  And today, I was formally introduced with mighty God-Like strictness that says “I” need to stop denying the truth about my path.  I need to allow huge portions of faith in my life to keep flowing in order to watch myself as I grow as a Reiki Master Teacher, Massage Therapist, and now…..dun.dun.dun……..Yoga Teacher..come 2016..!

So, so so… I sit back with my little shot of nightly bourbon (and a bit of an mildly aching back), and contemplate my day.  I relish in the fact that I spent much of my Saturday, practising Reiki and practicing “student” quality massage on my dear friends and family who indeed, were brave enough to hop on my table and let me rub away or open their chakras enough, to transform them into a legalized pot-like coma…….  And, it was just now, that I began to realize even deeper how much I am called to do this and how much I love it!  How fun it is to be with people and their true selves, sharing with them my love for my new career path and potential to really open up, “The Reiki Station” as a Reiki Salon one day.  It was wise to trademark the name and legalize this as a tax paying business.  (In quite the red for 2015 so far may I add)!  More on that  vision later…….

Imagine with me will you?  The warm feeling of the massage table tenderly holding you up.  The relaxing smell of Lavender and Rosemary permitting the air, a teal blue warm eye pillow gently placed on your eyes to block out the light of the day and the magical touch of a practicing therapist begging to rub lotion across your hands and arms, taking you away from the stress of red lights, barking dogs and pinging emails.  Deep meditative music with the likes of Liquid Mind radio playing Moonlight Sonata.   No one around, except you and me.  And the soft tone of my alto voice speaking carefully to remind you how safe and important you are under the eyes of heaven and the angels of God.  And then, pow, some deep tissue release in your Upper Traps and Rhomboids…….Yeah, I love my new path!  The Queen of Fascia!

Friends, Readers, Mom, I love you!  I am diving into things that will indeed make great changes into our world.  I am engaging in deep and challenging conversations with many awesome young men and women who just want peace and happiness, and some tension release in their aching neck!  You see, I know none of us like to publicize our dirty laundry and say, “I am having a bad day”.  Or, that we don’t know what direction life is going to take us in next and we are unsure or, that we are trying to desperately get though a bad addition or bad divorce, or whatever……..

And may I say, I would NEVER, EVER expose someone’s stuff because a.) I am bound by HIPPA and b.)the private conversations we have on the table are priceless and meaningful to me and I shoot prayers up to God on behalf of my fellow humans.   But, really, if you think for two minutes your massage therapist, hairdresser or best friends, are not a part of your mental team and are here to help make your life better, well you be crazy!!

We are all here for you!  Helping to love you and helping you to seek deeper when it comes to finding happiness.   What you have available to you under the Sun and Moon’s guidance is so important…….. And learning all of this knowledge over the last few years has been really hard on me because I don’t have a college degree or a big house anymore and I get weird and feel sometimes like I am a nut job for doing what I do.

Well,  Screw that lie!  I have a warm massage table, a loving husband willing to clean out stopped up toilettes and pick up tons of potentially hepa-tit-tic trash all over the South End of Louisville because he too, believes in me and my handy healing magic and help me get through school and I am happy!!   (And by the way, if you read this blog and happen to throw your sticky Taco Bell cup out the window because no one is looking, well, shame on ya!!!  God sees you!  Stop it!  It’s not nice and it’s gross!  Anyone married to a Garbage man……….shesh, I feel for you girl!)  Pass on this good news!  There is a woman up on top of a big hill, chomping at the bit to get a hold of your gluteus maximum and work with you to find “release!”  Share the blogs!  Share the Facebook posts.  Share the joy of knowing someone LOVES what they do and we haven’t even begun yet!!

People, enjoy your Saturday night!  I am!  The candles outside the Goodyear Mansion are burning.  The man child is out of his room hanging with us old folk chilling about life and I, am living the lap of luxury with some Quinoa and Goya and Celery Stix and a blog post that I love!  One that says, Live The Dream!  (and know when Momma Moon is talking to you because a Capricorn moon can be quite productive!)

Make time for self care today!


Holly G.  (aka………….Dr. Phoenix)

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