“Protecting Your Belief System Through Renounciation”

I am typing this quickly as a thought for forgive the typos……..


The conflict between spiritual siblings is subtle but extremely powerful.  I think it is because of the power resting wholeheartedly behind our egos.  No one wishes to be viewed as a pontiff but if we were to call that same person a “prophet or healer” it is considered acceptable and EGO finds a little comfort in being viewed as a martyr verse a dictator.  So, how then do we attain like-mindedness regarding community and healing when the strengthen behind our personal belief system is activated.  (The Lioness syndrome I will call it.)

First, I think we should flex the muscle of renunciation.  It is not that I meant renounce your “faith” but I am suggesting you renounce your EGO. (My EGO!)  The energy it takes to protect your belief system is daunting when you know that the core and structure of that foundation is the same, yet being compromised by semantics.  It is of my opinion that a World renowned belief system like Christianity start picking apart the intention behind the concept of compassionate love and healing, it becomes ridiculous.  It’s like two blood sisters fighting over which wood to use for the trim of their new castle.  Wood is Wood.  They don’t take into consideration that once the New castle has been erected some of the tiny details in the textile will fade into the background and all faces will be concerned with the beauty and the magisty of the new structure.  That new structure will serve purpose for centuries to come and set forth a legend surrounding the truth and spirit in which the house had been built.

My point?  I will no longer argue whether or not Christians should administer Reiki.  It is not how I should be defending the Heart behind what us healers are doing “outside of the typical mainstream walls.”  I have blocked myself from so much just because of my EGO to “defend” why I am doing this and I renounce that today.  It is written (through my blog) that I choose to say “good-bye” to my Ego and just allow the work to prove itself.  I am a Christian and I perform healing work.  For any other purpose of explanation, I am out.



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