“Momentary Blogs!”

Yes, I am off, to another busy day.  Details?  Nah.  Not necessary.  But I just had to take a moment and sit down with myself, to say, “Self, You’ve been through a lot and you have caused a lot of disruption to this planet.  You have shimmied here and shimmied there, like a smear of purple energy going from moment to moment, wondering if the vision ahead is a true stop or will it continue to be a fleeting dream?”  But, hear me out!  It’s is not a fleeting vision for me to look at my future and have high hopes, exotic dreams and own counter clockwise intuitive gifts when you are as happy as I am.  With every challenge, melt-down and loss, the universe turns a corner, awakens to another full moon and comes full circle in my life to show me that everything has a reason, everything happens in perfect timing, and all things work together for the good of those that love the Lord and are called according to His purpose.  (or on the fem side, Mother/Father/Son’s purpose), then I know I am on the right track.  Hey, and just like the Awesomeness of my God Divinity Creator’s, I have the same energetic lay lines of powers just as all those accociated with God’s Kingdom can allow me to have, so may my purpose be for the Good of All Those That Love.  Hearts to all those Thoser’s out there.

And, I don’t have to make sense when I blog about my moments.  They are my moments, and as a seeker of happiness, I know exactly what I mean.  And as my friend of the planet Mars, tells me to “STOP SAYING BRING IT”,  Um, I don’t think I can!  I love to watch the universe challenge me to live higher and brighter, lighting up my Star Power as if I was some women of Wonder.  These next few months are going to be a whopper!  So, look the F*ck out Burger Kingdom, because my next transition is going to be experiential, intense and it is going to be a great time of growth!  May the odds, EVER be in MY Favor.



Holly G. “Master Corner Happy Happierness Happy Person”

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