“It Begins. Again.”

Well, here we are.  A new town.  A new home and a new routine.  How in the world did we get here?  Oh, yes, because we just trusted God to show us the way, and I trusted in the expertise of my loving husband to choose a new job (for a very good reason mind you) and because my 2002 Audi named Matilda decided to sputter her way all the way town Interstate 64 to my new destination, so here we am.  And as I sit, here, in a hotel lobby, watching the sunrise sipping on my 4th cup of coffee (since I have been up since 4:05 a.m), I acquiesce with a smile all the while the hotel lobby team asks me five times how I am doing today.  LOL!  But of course, the oatmeal is really tasty and the coffee is free so that is a perk, right?!     And I love their happy time customer service efforts!  Keep it up!

Oh, and never mind the infinite details of how I was lifted out of my life, my new job, and a huge circle of friends and family with a very short notice because those details are painfully messy and that I now travel 65 miles to finish massage therapy school each Monday so I can stick to the plan.  (Funny, this plan of mine has been challenged so many times I have finally realized that nothing I am doing has anything to do with me wanting to lead an happy and normal life.)…….Hell, I just now consider the idea of settling in to any home as completely absurd at this point, however, I am overjoyed that this temporary  season of change is going to be exciting and in no way shape or form, normal. 

What the fuck is normal anyway?  Normal is a overrated term used by people who just want to conform to a standard and live under conditions which look like right angles.  (Look up the word and see what Google has to say about it!).  Normal, becomes usual, average and has the fragrance of a typical “boring” state of mind that requires no real thought, no real experience and quite frankly no real living.  Now, do you want to be normal?  Not me.  No thank you!

Now, happy on the other hand, we have determined IS a state of mind.  And first and foremost, if you cannot find a place of happiness in ANYTHING that you are doing, then do something else!  And if you are extremely happy in what you are doing, then don’t be fooled to think, resistance will never come along and rock your oars off!  Somewhere, someone is going to come along and challenge  your “happy” whether it be the asshole that cut you off at the light or the sign at the entrance of a close minded church that states “Obama Osama. Hummm.  Are they Brothers?”  Really!  Now that is just hateful!!!

Ok, no, I am not going to set off on a tangent today just because I have 12 hours before my man gets home from the field and I have no where to be except right here………………Hey don’t be fooled.  I have a million things to get to.  All those round tuit coins I have put off for the last two years personally need some serious attention.  Like, filing my 2015 taxes, and learning how to all of a sudden home school a half.man teenager so he doesn’t flunk out of school or better yet, how to stop the madness of binge eating and drinking because there are not enough hours in the day to do all the things that need to be done and I get some overwhelmed at times I just drop and stare off into space searching for well meaning symbols of my existence.  It’s time to take care of me!

Oh, and the joys of fiction writing have certainly become null and void in my life and my muse Eleanor, has been PISSED OFF lately as she has not had a voice to speak!!!  Poems, and novels and daring satire lay dormant in the recesses of my mind, being thrown in the parking lot every time I get a new idea or a new storyline.  I mean really???  Have you not seen how yellow Trump’s hair looks on high definition television?  Even the Pleiadian’s are comparing him to a lemon head while they puff on the happy dragon token of affairs we call the New World Order .  Now, that shit IS funny!

So, again, here I am, sitting and blogging, trying to figure out what to do next and how to recreate my new life, again, and I just think that the last few years have allowed me such a dawning of a new age that I am at the point, today, that I am just going to go with the flow and see where all this takes me.  🙂  I am going to have a ton fun with this one!!!

Whether it be my dreams of opening The Reiki Station one day, or just moving to a far away land with nothing more than a simple flush toilette and a blender, I don’t care to stress over any of it anymore.  We will always have mean people blowing their horns at us when we don’t go fast enough to make the yellow light and we will always have political debates over religion, oil, money, and welfare and taxes and how low cut is too low cut for J.Lo’s green dresses.  We will most likely always have bureaucratic messages aboard our 65 inch squawk box telling us how bad the world is.   And People will most likely always judge musical talents like Beyonce and David Bowie which come across some HOT alluring fantasy to those who wish to live vicariously through them.  (Yes, I would dress like the black panthers and shake my ass too if I had her body and I am not technically black but my spirt guide is a black panthers so that counts, right?!)  Let’s stop being so damn touchy! 🙂   And I think, all teen age boys will most likely secretly want to dress like Boy George at some point during their brave earthly evolutions, all the while they grow curly man hair in their nether parts and become resistant to their mothers’ direction.  (Not that my son did or does…..I am just saying!)  😛

So long as we are still discovering star made nebulas in the night sky and chaco-taco milky way’s gallop along the universal light’s path, NASA will continual create conversations about where we are in time and space.   AND OF COURSE…….. WE…….HARD WORKING PEOPLES……… WILL ALWAYS HAVE THE POTENTIAL TO BE AROUND MEAN BOSSES AND HATEFUL COWORKERS BUT THE CHOICE TO STAY AROUND THEM IS SOLEY YOURS!  Are you Happy Yet?  I hope you are laughing and peeing in your pants by now!

Hey listen all you money makin’ people.  If the watering hole is poisoned then MOVE!  It is just that simple.  We did.  And people think we are just tromping around, trying to figure out life erratically and that we are not content with living like the natives but let me tell you a little secret.  Changing jobs has a REAL purpose when you are surrounded by ………….(you____ fill____ in____ the___ blanks______!!!). 😦

And may I finished this blog up now by saying this?…..(because I need more oatmeal before they close down the bar……..) IF I EVER HAVE EMPLOYEES OF MY OWN ONE DAY AS THE OWNER AND CREATOR OF THE REIKI STATION, I WILL NEVER TREAT THEM IN THE MANNER THAT I HAVE SEEN OTHERS BEING TREATED.   PERIOD!  I am coming against the normal way we earn our way and I am giving a serious shout out to those who have experienced bullying in the workplace.  When it comes to the welfare of our workforce this normal way of doing it needs a serious overhaul in my opinion but I am thankful for grace and the open doors that have come my way and I am thankful for the aide that comes to those that are true to themselves.  Hail, middle class America! Hail to your dignity and hail to your efforts.  I see you.  I hear you.  I feel you!  I hope you enjoy your day!




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