“The Pros and Cons of Being Random While Fighting Bullying In The Work.”

Sometimes I think my morning rants and raves during my “bloggy” time are random.  Then I realize, duh, they absolutley are.  Topically, I think about everything each day and as an over analytical person, I categorize my life.  And my style.  My life is full of important moments of which I tend to catalog in the recesses of my mind as memories.  And, now that I am in a new place, with a new style and new energy, the one thing I can count on is randomness.  🙂

As Americans, I think we fail to realize that being random has both pros and cons.  The Pros FAR outweigh the Cons so long as you are able to release judgment of what you thought should have went as expected and be gentle with, what has not met your expectations.  Random blogging gives me an opportunity to just ponder and think.  Kind of like private journaling. So why then, do I publicly, share my random thoughts about living out here on social media?  I mean, really, who cares what Holly Goodyear is doing on a given day?  You have way more shit to be concerned about than Me.  But truly, it’s good practice for becoming a published writer one day and I am just going to practice away.  And that IS my final answer.

To be quite honest, I really don’t have that much social media traffic on my blog anyway because no one hardly ever comments and no one shares the randomness I type. I got really mad about that once recently and blew up on my besties. Sorry about that girls!!  You see, I can tell how many people read this stuff because my blog spot has a statistics bar and I barely get 10 to 20 clicks in a given day if I am lucky and I got really mad recently that my peers didn’t share my stuff.  Bad bad bad!!!!  I was an idiot on that given day.

But you know what?  Blowing shit out of proportion because you have a good idea and no one replies is not the end of the world.  Not too many people care what I have to say and if I am talking about you and fussing over what you may or may not have done on my behalf by making my blog famous not to worry.  Your privacy is still HIPPA protected and I promise I won’t intentionally defame your sweet goodness ever because I am pissed off at randomly mean people in general.  If I need to rattle about some negative aspect of how life has treated me I will change the names to protect the not so innocent.  Trust me, the people out there know if any of the medicine I write about pertains to them but most of them don’t read me anyway.  But if you do, just remember, my objective is to make the world a better place so that no one has to experience the hateful domination and control and power playing manipulation by bad bosses.  Two wrongs very well could make a right but someone is still going to come out smelling like cat poop regardless. Besides, life is all subject to an individuals perception anyway.  I think sometimes I get pushed around a bit because I am too nice to say something that needs to be said.  Writing gives me just the right place do say what I need to because, well, randomly I need too.  LOL!

You see I randomly used to think….. “OMG, I am a complete failure for not have a bazillion followers on my two year old blog.”  Because I thought, (MY EGO…….thought), everything I was thinking was in alignment with other ALL the other parties on the planet.  I mean, who would not want to share about great accomplishments like, not having a meltdown because the toothpaste is out of the tube again.  Or realizing that you have done everything right and still shit be going wrong and you want to drop your “f’ing” basket every time things don’t to your way.   WHAAAAAAAAHHHH!

But you know, after you surmise that you are still loved and cherished by a Higher Power, Holier than Holly, starts to accept that stupid just happen to even the most “aware” of peoples and I am only partly responsible for my path. So I am told. 😛

Shit like, randomly having the opportunity to repair my money pit car.  Like, randomly, I falling down on the ice because of a slight mis-stepped over the curb or randomly you step in dog shit on the way to a job interview.  Or randomly you get into a job that sucks!!  And on a more public note, randomly, someone like Donald Trump comes along and runs for President which blows our little “mediocratic” brains and provides for us a platform to bitch, moan and complain (or compliment if you love him), and randomly, someone like him wins.  Randomly.

But for today, I am randomly deciding to compare the good aspects of randomness and the not-so-sure-if-that-was-right randomness in my life and randomly while I blog and stare out in the parking lot of this  mid-grade hotel parking lot, I randomly can hope one day, I will become ……………………fill-in -the-blanks and become a true motivation for others to live out their own dreams regardless of the resistence they face.  (Hey, I am randomly still figuring all this out so don’t expect too much!)

You see, it was random that Ed was called back into the field last week because we had decided that to be married and live apart, no matter how much money we made was stupid.  It is not good for married men or women to live alone.  PERIOD!  So, upon deciding what is best for us for the moment, Ed randomly took a chance to move his entire family to another city RIGHT when things seemed to be falling into place, for me.  But it is NOT about ME alone now is it?  (although this blog is and that is why I named it “It’s Me. Holly Goodyear”.)  But, all this does pose a positive for me to randomly ramble on about random subjects until the doors around me for authorship open up.

And boy, wouldn’t you know, when that random phone call came for a new job, and we looked at each other and said “Damn!”we both knew, to not take a chance on this project would be foolish.  Ed was invited by the universe to trust BIG so off we went!

And if you will be allow me one more moment to bitch about how we treat each other in the workforce, nothing pleases me more than to hope that one day there will be laws against bullying in the workplace.  So, let’s recap a moment because a lot of my random thoughts come from my random adulting experiences being a grown up and all, so evaluating the pros and cons of working for someone or not, makes more sense for me when I spell it out……..

When company “A” hires a highly skilled person and they pay them a “low” wage, then try and over control on a personal level  by moving the employee/employer relational bar every week, you feel very manipulated and engrossed in a losing battle so you cut your losses, quickly.  VERY Quickly before the toxicity settles in your bones!

Not everyone working in an office setting want to hear all of your constant drama and be forcefully compelled to experience your aimless tyrannical skills.  That kind of fruitless environment wastes time time for the hard working person and wastes necessary energy it takes to be a dynamic team.  That kind of dictatorship is really poor management if you ask me and when middle managers take it upon themselves to discriminate, debate and throw around their “power”, then most ethical people find they are in a war they cannot win without serious corporate intervention.  Well, that takes effort and some personal responsibility on behalf of the higher ups.  Um, Hello.  From the Outside!  Do you hear us!  We quit!

Like This!  Exit stage right.


Hey, I am all about being social and having fun at work but there is a line between telling someone THEY WILL PICK UP THE TRASH ON THEIR OFF DAY and THEY WILL REPORT TO THE OFFICE EVERY TIME THEY HAVE TO PEE or CLOCK OUT AT 4:00 verses 4:01 and SEND YOU INAPPROPRIATE TEXT MESSAGES ALL HOURS OF THE NIGHT, well then listen, it is time you can tell this low paying employer who wants your soul, to piss the hell off!

I mean where do these middle grade managers NOT realize that asking nicely of someone to do something at work, within the company needs gets much more honey?  Because if not, their are some issues that need to be addressed, you treat people with kindness not manipulation. THIS KIND OF ALLOWABLE TREATMENT OF PEOPLE FRIES ME ME TO THE BONE!   And we think PETA has a point?  What about the ethical treatment of people in the workforce.  Let’s call it ETPW.

It seems that the more we hard working honest people, stand up in an ethical ways and set very simple and respectful boundaries for what is acceptable and what is unacceptable, as an employee, we start to see the true colors of humans and their role as a power players in the workforce.  It continues to give me a whole new perspective on how we treat each other in our everyday lives and coming from a past of hurts and wounds myself, it seems I may never get over the way it works.  But I can, randomly make my opinions known.  Yes I can!  🙂  And one day, that book I write about Women in the Workforce is GOING to make a difference!  You can take that to the bank!

So, part of the last 100 day journey for us as a married couple, had been full of hope that even though, I am a still student in school, was trying to help pay our way by working part time as I try to establish  myself as an honorable business owner, I knew we would be “ok”.

But who just wants to live an “ok” life and then deal with the stress of not being able to afford food much less this mandatory health insurance plan?  Life is expensive people! And we left this path to no-where because My husband and I both knew that the road of working for less than an acceptable wage would always be challenging and most people do not ever take the little people seriously.  The platforms are full of spectators if you have a nice house, a nice car and can afford to throw million dollar parties, (like our politicians or CEO’s) then of course you are typically taken VERY seriously and everyone seems stops to hear what you have to say.  Randomly that is.  Somebody give me a MIC!!!!  LOL!

You see, it is very important to me that as a married couple, we learn to live without the fear of having and having not.  And, our #1 lesson is that we need to understand the impact surrounding the emotion of money and certain working principles.  Edward and I are really trying to be conscious of how and where we spend our money while ALSO understanding that God owns the cattle on a thousand hills (Ps. 50:10) and we should not live in fear or lack.  It is no secret that we are being saturated with social fear and that we are being poisoned by bad people who are in turn poisoned with how they decided to handily life’s challenging experiences.  It is Random that you will see a huge global push for elimination of bullying in the workplace when you turn on the 6:30 news of the world because they are too busy showing us death and destruction.  I have a feeling the random acts of kinds far outweigh the unkindnesses but for some reason the TV decided to show us BAD stuff!  You see, the scales of justice are always moving.  And that my friends is LIBRA always in motion and she is currently resting her starts in the moon as we speak!  ( Or the Moon is in Her.  More on that lesson laters!!) 🙂

To concluded this rant and rave so you can get back to your life and I can continue with the rest of my day, hear me out!I have randomly decided that I will use what is available to me for the good of all beings but there are a TON of people who do not agree with me writing about my life in order to turn it into a saga of sorts.  But, why not?  If really good things come from my obedience to my desires and I harm no one EVEN when I call those out who are doing not so nice things, then the pros and cons of my writings will continue to move mountains.  (Matthew 17:20).  For I believe it will be THOSE PEOPLE, that are willing to take off the masks and live the life they they are called to in honestly and integrity, regardless of random challenges and opportunities of which they face, that will inherit not only the Kingdom of God and Goddess but will have a peace that passes all understanding even when they go to work.  If, I am given an opportunity to open my own space one day, I promise to treat my employees with such respect, they will never want to leave.  And if they do, I will do everything I can to help them find the keys to their dreams and unlock time so they have all that they desire, HARMING NONE!  (A Celtic Wiccan Reed). 🙂

Enjoy your Thursday Peeps and respect those in authority to you that deserve it but don’t be a doormat!  Take a stand with me and let’s support ETPW!  Ethical Treatment of People in the Workplace!


Holly G.

aka-“random writer. not so random woman.”

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