“A Forceful Awakening! The Moon In Capricorn.”

At precisely 5:01 am EST the Moon cycled into the star sign of Capricorn.  Ed and I were already awake discussing the challenges we face as American’s and Spiritual Beings.  And, since the BIG Move a few weeks ago, our 4am morning chat’s have been a little more conservative because we have lost our couple’s sunrise coffee hour.   We do not have as much time to solve world problems now.

But today, we both noticed the incredible energy available to us and just as the conversation climaxed, “du da lu”, my iluna app presented the Moon In Capricorn!  “Fast Pace, Slow Drag.” is what Ed calls it.   And I love this cute little mantra he coined around this moment, because I know exactly what he means.  Capricorn energy represents a stabilizing and restrictive effect on the moon cycle.  Capricorn’s immediate response to human dynamics says “I use.”  I am able to “use” the stored Spiritual energy I have funded to date since the last 28 day cycle of the month, and I am able to “release” this power for construction.  It is very similar to how our body expels ATP from our cellular mitochondria upon exercising.   You see, the Kreb’s Cycle says that we have enough stored energy in our cells to fund about 20-30 seconds of exercise!  What?  I thought you were going to say I was going to have a constructive Capricorn energetic day?  No, not really, you are about to have a burst of high powered charge with the Moon in Capricorn, but like any Kreb’s Cycle you are about to hit it hard and potentially fall straight down and get frustrated really fast if you do not listen to the next phase of the cycle.

Capricorn energy is the energy to raise one step higher.  Always.  Raise. One. Step. Higher. Capricorn energy is the push to make it through one more day.  Pay one more bill.  Or, survive one more moment within the mess you may (or may not yet) have on your hands.  Capricorn energy says, “I promise if you will just take one more step, you will eventually crest the top of this mountain only to see a new range to conquer”.  You will always be assured to face a new quest to endure.   Damn.  A never ending cycle.

But the most beautiful thing about the Moon’s entry in Capricorn, is that if you want to get some REAL movement out of your goals and aspirations today, now is the time to do it.  This is ON Point Energy!  Now, is the time to work very effectively by turning on the inner Light of Inspiration and deciding to conquer that mountain that has been standing in your way.  Just topple over it!  You have the power now.  Face those doubt and fears which rob your emotional being!  Snort your way right up the ridge of difficulty and PUSH!  (PRAY UNTIL SOMETHING HAPPENS), is a nice way to describe what you should be doing during the next three day moon cycle.  Aim, and FIRE!

You see, over the last few days, the political garbage on TV has just irritated the heck out of me, and it got my GOAT!  However, I am happy to share, that I was raised by a Capricorn mother, and because her influence lately, it is helping me develop more of an understanding when it comes to SELF NEED.   It is how we monitor the relationship we have with “SELF,” that is WAY more important than any other relationship we experience.

Hail to the GOAT!



And so it is that Capricorns, have an advantage over others when it comes to viewing life.  Capricorns, typically will tell you something like “All is Well” or “Just for Today” and mean it!  They see further down the road than most other signs do because of their pointed energy, which is earth based and very wintry.  As a piercing representation of how we view money, security, stability and discipline.  Capricorn energy will bring to you self awareness and a need for corrective self involvement in the highest of form.

Need to get organized?  Now is the time.

Need to learn to focus on one thing at a time?  Now is the time.

Need to reallocate commitment to another party?  Now is the time.

Need to release the bullshit (Taurus Energy) live throws your way-lol?  Now is the time.  (To my Taurus peeps, I am just trying to be funny now…..  so, Don’t get pissy with me!  You know you like to live life on some very unserious terms!)        🙂

Allow yourself to experience the next three days with the Moon in Capricorn and see if you don’t find that you are feeling a bit more responsible and have a need to isolate, recalculate, and conquer.  Don’t be afraid to assign tasks to others so you can raise higher.  Free yourself from surpressed emotions, negative words and stay away from the TV today for God’s sakes!  You will feel so much better!

I thoroughly hope you have enjoyed this post today!  It was when the moon entered Capricorn today that I just KNEW, everything was going to be alright!

And this my friends, is how I learn drive thru my life! 🙂

Be well!

Holly Goodyear.




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