“The Moon And The Mentalist! The Aquarian!”


Do you know what drives me crazy?   Using GPS when I know FULL WELL where I am headed and when I decide to take a nice shortcut, I cringe to hear my navigational system  yell at me repeating, “Recalculate!”  I freak out.  I start yelling back at her to “Shut up! I know where I am!”  Why do we subject ourselves to such abuse?

Well, maybe it is because, we are in the car alone, and want some time to just zone out and not think while driving.  Now, before you say, this is such a dangerous thing to do, let me expose some truth here.  We all do it.  We have all been driving and find ourselves zoning out to the hum of the wheel, or a song on the radio or even enjoying a scenic drive down the highway, ignoring the GPS and her colorless tone.

And yesterday, while the moon entered Aquarius to enjoy her 36 hour “mindful” rendezvous, we probably just zoned right through the transition, not being aware of the drastic change in energy leaving tactical Capricorn.   Most humans are considerably unaware of the influence on the Moon’s transit each month.  Not to worry, I am here to help you see beyond the difficultly of your emotional habits and break the cycle of “living life in a mindless zone.”

Aquarius’ influence on us is priceless!  If you ever want to meet a person that can read your mind, an Aquarian would be the prime candidate to do so.  They are intimidating and soooooo hilarious.  An Aquarian is typically very funny, very aware and productivley challenging.  They are just like this colorful Rubix cube atop this blog post.  An Aquarian personality is full of sparkle, motivation and shine!  Look out!

But beware, beware, they can also see you coming a mile away.  Their natural GPS beckons us to be upfront and attentive while standing before them.  They are the Royal Kings of The Air Signs if you ask me. (A masculine energy to the world of astrology).  They can eliminate complacent people in a heartbeat and if you have every worked, or lived with an Aquarius, you must know, that the key to satisfying their insatiable thirst for knowledge and communication is to let them speak!

You will not find a more forward thinking, progressive sign in the Zodiac and when the great and powerful Moon makes her entrance into Aquarius, by all means, feel free to grab up all of the mind control and power you need to make it to the next phase.

And not to worry, large doses of personal knowledge will rarely have a negative social influence on you or turn you into a selfish bigot.  I doubt you will become too”heady” in your approach to connect with others, but try and seek out a little more sensitivity when it comes to verbal communication and general logic because the Moon in Aquarius gives you a great opportunity to impress others if humility is present.

This is much in part due to the planet Uranus ordination over Aquarius.   Uranus energy says, “You are Free to Discover”.  Uranus energy says, “You Can Let Go of the Old and Allow the New To Come On In” and, Uranus energy says “It is Time to Experiment and Be a Little Rebellious in Order to Locate Your Boundaries.”  Chances are, you may not be so sure how far you can go in life because  well, you have never tried!  Get out and Mentally Explore You Sexy Beast!  You got this!!  🙂

So, for today while the Moon is dancing and singing with the most liberating of Air signs, take a chance on learning something knew. Dig into a new book.  Try a New Look. Or better yet, ask yourself if you are brave enough to revive that old dream you once had of becoming ……………….fill in the blank?  (Because today’s energy says you are)!

Aquarius and the Moon are powerfully energies waiting on you to take your turn to shine.  Commit yourself to becoming more independent, if you are not.  And if you are isolated, commit yourself to getting to know people a lot better, because you can.  I assure you, once you do more to satisfy your questions about life, you will start to see the world for how it REALLY is.  Complex, like a insolvable Rubix cube, but marvelously Impressive!

Be Well!

Holly Goodyear




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