“The Path of Inspiration. When Air and Fire Collide!”

You know, it is an amazing day when you are able to spend a few moments studying seasonal energy.  And since we just entered the Spring Equinox and the 1st sign of the Zodiac (Aries), and……we are sitting in the fullness of the Full Moon in Libra, it begs us to challenge when Air and Fire Collide!    And, for those of you who are not familiar with astrology, Aries, is a Fire Sign and Libra is an Air Sign.

So what happens when these to dynamic energies present themselves to one another?  It is a “Match” made in Heaven!  Not even the dead can stay down!

Fire, the rapid oxidation of a material in the exothermic chemicalprocess of combustion, releasing heat, light, and various reaction products, inflames us to consume ourselves with vision.

Air, is but a mixture of gases in the atmosphere, (nitrogen, oxygen, carbon dioxide and water particles) and compels us to decide what is most efficient way to sustain life?

The two together create an all or nothing affect because without Air, Fire could not survive.  And without Heat or Light, the product of Fire, we humans, could not survive, nor could Air Move Around.  The Water Particles of Air would freeze without heat.

It is good to know that this energy affects us annually when the Spring Equinox rolls around.  When the Moon enters LIBRA, indicating judgement and decisions, and the Sun enters the new year of Aries, indicating Movement and Vision, your year has an open door to possibilities and opportunities like no other time of the year.    It is time to Spring Clean our Mental and Emotional rooms and start acting on the things we have dreamed about all Winter long!

For the last three years, I have progressively been active in my mental health by offering myself emotionally on the Great Alter of Life.  I have allowed circumstances to be followed up with some outrageous change.

Much of this journey has been hard but then, as I sit here today, in year three of the wheel’s acknowledgement, I realize how easy things are for me.  (I say that because I have been following the seasonal year more so than the calendar year and it has been so much more fun!)

Being a water sign, and the most complex there of, (Scorpios…………lol), it is when I consciously allowed my adaptability to manifest during each phase of the wheel, that I have made it through another new season, and have discovered many insights about my business, my family and my personal journey. Everything happens for a reason and in the right timing……….  For Example:

  1.  Health: If I do not listen to my body about my nutrition and use a bit of force when it comes to exercise, drinking and eating “rotting” type of foods, I pay an enormous price with my mental health, therefore, every single day I wake up now, I make a HUGE effort to do good things for myself.  It is not easy, and the cravings for the things that are not beneficial for me, will always be there, because I know that demon very well.  Gluttony has many faces.  But, as I rise each day, having ultimate truth at my fingertips, I usually win the battle of the bulge.  I will never be a size 2, nor do I plan to be.  I just want to have fun with fitness, have a ton of active energy to spare each day and encourage and inspire other women to never stop trying to be strong and healthy.  It is not about perfection.  It IS about self love and happiness and a size 8, 10 or 12 or 14 or even a 16 is darn sexy in my opinion!  (Anything more than that is still major sexy but I am greatly concerned about that size and up for health reasons ONLY…….)
  2. Family: It has taken me some time to realize my “choice for independence” after growing up in a large family has had some consequences.  For so long, I judged myself based on my childhood failures instead of my accomplishments.  I judged my looks, my lack of participation in the family unit, and my existential visionary differences.  I realize I have built a huge extended network of tribal sisterhood and not spent a lot of time with my core family.   Much of that was due to my lack of self esteem because the core family knew you when you did a lot of naughty things…………”the dark ages.”  However, I am letting that shit go because I love my core family and they know it.  I think about them often and send them a lot of light and love at speeds which they may not yet be ready for or even yet understand.  Even in my own created unit, daughter, son, husbandry, I want them all to know, my heart consistently vibrates love toward them, even when I am out doing things that I need to do in order to find solstice. Following Energy and Love in Big ways should never take away from the fact that I love all of my family, blood, marriage, or otherwise and I think sometimes my distance to learn more about myself may have looked like I was shutting out my core family.  This is not the case.  I love all of my soul contracts.  Even the difficult ones.
  3. Working:  This one has been very hard for me.  I love to work but I have to love what I am doing and be willing to get up everyday and go out into the world, be productive and not come home at the end of an 8 or 10 hour day, feeling as if I was always missing something.  By being a committed hard working person, I find that I do not do anything half ass.  In fact, I hold such high work standard that I forget quickly, that not everyone has the same view when it comes to working like a Viking!  Emotional people such as myself, get real weird when it comes to team work and unseen efforts by others always made me uncomfortable.  This is probably why, I have pissed off a lot of people by walking off the job, because, I am someone that not only gives my all at working, I give double and triple, but it can bite you in the butt, if you are not careful.   Although, quitting any job with “no notice” seem contradictory to my honest to God worth ethics, I was open enough to share with these people what I was going through and forgiveness was asked for every time.  Not everyone gave it to me, but I know, asking for forgiveness when you are struggling with something is all you can do.  Only, they can extend it to you if they are willing to, but you cannot control how they respond.


People are starting to notice that I genuinely love what I do as a Massage Therapist, Reiki Practitioner, Astology Teacher and “soon-to-be” Fitness Instructor.  (Aerobics and Yoga…….  I am still working on the curriculum for those certifications but we must get through LMT school first because that is where my heart is as well as a survivalist’s paycheck!).

It fuels me even more to present to you my journey as I follow the stars.   and it is because I want to teach people how to manifest!   For me, to see smiling people walk away from a great therapy session is nothing more than pure gold in my eyes.  The value of money does not compare to the value of happiness I see when they leave my care and when they leave, they have just a little more hope for manifesting what they want in life.  For most people, it is just to expereince true happiness…….. Ah, to be a light-worker.  Thank you Jesus!🌀

And during this Aries/Libra connection what is most exciting is that I get to choose what my practice will look like when I open an amazing space for my clients!!!!   Vision.  Vision.  Vision…………….Action.  Action.  Action.  The work of the real story bend all of this back and forth rah-rah, will start to really shine through.  Others will be inspired by the journey.    The Reiki Station’s “Grand Opening” may not initially manifest into the fullness if the vision I have for “Her” as soon as I open the door, but little by little, it will happen.   I believe, if you build it, they will come.  🗽

With today’s energy (Sun in Aries, Full Moon in Libra) direction, action and judgement are all critical in order to the start of the wheel of the year off in a positive manner.  All this intense “action blowing around” can either cause one to combust and fall apart at the seams because things are happening so swiftly or you can let this intense energy tip the scales in your favor.   I am totally taking advantage of the knowledge.

I hope that you are reading this and start to realize manifestation and inspiration are served when you listen to your gut and purge things that are not beneficial.  It is when you allow yourself to “be your own boss” (in anything) and find true bravery to step up and out Bravery is the first step in following the Path of Inspiration.  In doing so, there are things you need to know.

The Path of Inspiration is at it’s peak during this season.  We intentionally start to look for the blooms and blossoms that start to peek out from the seeds we planted months, sometimes years before.  As a “cultivator” we know that the warm air and welcomed heat of “sunshine” will give us just the right conditions to start layering the soil for the harvest.  This is an annual process that can be trusted.

The Path of Inspiration opens up your Solar Plexus and allows you to find out more about yourself.  Your personal power will begin to grow as the days grow longer and the willingness to succeed increases and forms tangible opportunity if you pay attention to the cycles.  

Aries is the right energy to inspire you and challenge you so be sure have formed some kind of plan for the year, even if it is not 100% accurate.  You have all year long to reevaluate your actions.   But by doing nothing to facilitate your inspiration, it will “die off ” like the chemistry of all things.  If Inspiration becomes a distant memory and winter rolls around again, you may just find yourself frustrated so be brave and go for something this week!

Libra’s Full Moon will be sure you honor your efforts and correct any unhelpful energy that you may be holding in fear of starting a new path.  As critical as LIBRA can be, it is only because Libra understands the true heart of justice.  Libra wants everyone to have a share in the prosperity.  Libra expects us to run a tight ship and be serious about our endeavors.  Libra will give you funding to go the extra mile if you are serious and have thought out the pros and cons of what you are considering.  And when you are weary and tired of trying, Libra will blow her gale force wind and reset the scales of balance in your favor one more time as long as  you do not stop trying.  

Aries Sun/Libra Moon what a powerful path they create.  They remind me of a story of a Man who rose from the grave and conquered death many moons ago.  And, if I am not mistaken, we can celebrate this Man’s story relishing in the power of resurrection and a conquest, never give up on what we believe is right action for our lives.

Jesus, that Man, was known to have entered the gates of hell during this season, and took back the knowledge to live our best life.  His journey into darkness is an example of an existential mystery and by rising to the occasion as a follower of the Light, he recovered what was due to us.  He took action.  He followed a plan.  He created a balance between light and dark.  And he conquered the fear of not knowing how things would turn out.

Sounds a lot like an Arian Liberator don’t you think??

Happy Easter!  May the Odds Ever Be in your Favor!



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