“The Sagittarian Moon Requires You Mix It Up!”

Yesterday, at 2:46am, the Moon made her transit into Sag.  Upon leaving my personal sign Scorpio, I must have been intrigued with other things because it was not until I woke up this morning that I realized, I am in a jumbled thought pattern.  I want to blog about everything.  I want to jump out of bed and start running fast and hard.  I want to get all of my daily chores out of the way so I can sit and meditate on great and mighty things.  So, as I calmed myself and decided that a simple (not so Simple) blog on this site would be more beneficial than trying to take the time to devote time to writing material in my “other” topic specific blogs.  (Emotional Intelligent Today, Eleanor Elaine Phoenix and Memoirs of Scorpio.)

All three of my writing platforms are very important to me but it is because of the person I when I start “emotionally speaking”,  that I become overwhelmed with a sense of “to much going on” internally, and these platforms give me an opportunity to put my heaviness out there, regardless of what others may think.  It’s my therapy.

But yesterday, when mystical Momma Moon entered Sagittarius, apparently I entered into a startling lucidity that comes with this intense Fire Energy.  (and we are in Aries Sun so as I mix up my thoughts on this “generic “Me” page”, I am sure my daily rant is going to go something like this.  Fire + Fire = An Emotional Inferno

So, what is with all the burn?  Well, Sag Moon brings in a very important key emotion layering deep within us and that emotion is called “intrigue.”  Intrigue by definition is arousal of curiosity and fascination.  It also killed the cat.

Sag moon energy opens your eyes to adventure, optimism, and exuberance.  Sag moon energy is an open-minded yet, rest-less energy.  (That s’plains it all!)  Sag Moon energy, however, is a bit careless and uncommitted when it comes to responsibility.  I guess that is why I am burning for a tattoo, a vacation and some space alone.  This energy is a daring concoction of thoughts like…”Hey look at me….. paired with…. don’t touch me I need space.”

To complicate the moment and the need for seclusion, water signs such as Scorpio, Cancer and Pisces, get kind of strange during these Sagittarius Moon transitions and either lash out and become very irritable or extremely persistent in order to survive another day.

Water signs are typically affected by this highly sexual sign of Sagittarius with it’s alluring yet, fleeting energy.  And for us Scorpios, it can be hard to connect with others emotionally right now because if it ain’t deep and intrinsic, it most likely is destructive and unrepairable and as the Sag sign represents on it’s not so good side, can be irresponsible.  (I want to focus on the adventurous side of the moment myself!)

So, with this formidable lucidity this morning, I had to do some additional digging before dawn cracked her light on me, because, the last few days have been very heavy for me.  On the outside, it is business as usual, but on the inside, I am really seeking calculative measures when it comes to my actions and decisions during the next few months.  I want to see how things progress when I acknowledge all this Spiritual intensity, and then “let that shit go.”

For me, the best way for me to understand my own emotional journey is to seek out to define these layers of energy around me.  Whether it is people, places or things, (which I tend to become attached to), I have to stop myself and identify why I am attaching myself to anything, when it comes to my own personal emotional intelligence and learn to let go of attachment as a rule since nothing is forever.

In looking more closely for just another moment at the Moon in Sagittarius, it is not just this present energy that is affecting me so forcefully.  There are a total of 6 more lunar pairings happening today, all of which could allow me to react in different ways hour by hour so let’s blow your mind a little more…..

Think of the Moon being a Sommelier and each transit of the timeline is a taste of Heaven’s decantation depending on your palette.

  1.  8:56 a- Moon will be Trine Mercury. (Messenger)
  2. 9:55am-Moon will be Square Jupiter. (Fortune & Luck)
  3. 11:18am- Moon will be Conjunct Saturn.  (Discipline)
  4. 6:02pm- Moon will be Trine Uranus. (Forceful Freedoms)
  5. 9:55pm- Moon will be Square Venus (Love and Pleasure)
  6. 11:02pm- MERCURY will be Trine Saturn.  ( A Message in Discipline?)…..Yup….lucidity.

So, why do I care about all of this?  Well, as a beginner astrologer, it proves a point that feelings and emotions are connected to SO MANY FEATURES OF LIFE!  Hormones, Thoughts, Health and Energy.

Hear me when I say this.  We all have an off day sometimes.  We all have thoughts that challenge us to make choices on how we act, what we are going to do and we all have possibilities and opportunities that will present to us to a willingness to charge forward into the future with some skill and accuracy.   Just like the Man on the Horse riding the constellation of Sagittarius, we aim, shoot and fire.

The tug of war in your mind is completely affected by the stars and it is the wise soul that will look deeper into the events and conversations that take place during your earthy incarnation when you have been out of focus and need to take a step back and breath.

I hope this shows that we are not all crazy and you will find your universal channel today and in doing so, find your freedom.

Be Well.

Holly Goodyear

P.S.- If you would like to learn more about astrological readings, hit me up!  It brings me great pleasure to sit with people and look at all the amazing aspects of how we are designed and as a service to others, I make these charts very affordable and understandable.  Love……..


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