Humbled and Excited! Massaging It All Out!

May I take 30 seconds, yes, 30 seconds and say I LOVE YOU!  I love each of you that clicked like on my post yesterday about passing my finals.  You know NO idea how important this is for me and I had almost 100 likes……WOW!  I had no idea I was being watched like that!  Really!  It is not about the numbers but you sure know how to make a girl blush! 🙂

I have 4 months left then I will be a Licensed Massage Therapist.   And trust me! I want to accentuate the word “therapist”.   Had it not been for people like “my” massage therapist and other “key” ladies in my life I would not be where I am today.  My shout out for the moment goes to all those trusting people that saw more in my INSANITY than I could ever see in myself.  But, all that insanity is turning into core INSPIRATION!!!!

Now that things are genuinely looking up for us, I am going to spend the next three weeks breaking down my plan, cooling my jet’s (just a tad), and I am going to really brush up on the clinical and emotional side of being an LMT.

I may be cray cray but I take my craft very seriously.  It is for a bigger purpose!  Thank you all for being so awesome to me!!!  I have some great friends!  GREAT FRANS I TELL YA!!!  And, better yet, I have an amazing husband and partner who treats me like a Queen!  Eddie, we are doing it!  We are doing it!

So, listen, if you know of anyone looking for a dynamic career change and has the gift of touch, have them consider Advanced Massage Therapeutics as a possible place to seek out some killer education.  This school rocks and I have learned 10 times more about life with these guys and gals than I ever have.   This stuff is the real deal baby!!   And the field of Massage is going to grow like crazy even in the world of Mental Health!  Mark my Words!

I cannot see a better way for us to combat stress and sickness and frustration and it all starts when following your heart and allowing yourself some rest on the table, massaging it all out…….

The Moral of the Story…..

Never let anyone tell you you can’t do something.  Never hold a grudge on those that did tell you that.  And never, ever stop believing that things won’t get better.   They will!  They will also change faster than you can imagine so hold on!  Listen, Mars is going Retrograde and you may need to fasten your seat belts the next few months…….I am going to but man, with this kind of support, it is hard to slow my roll!

If I had a wish today it would be that Massage Therapists become so busy that they need an assistant  (Should that be their wish as well)!


Everyone needs a Therapist.  We are all just that important!



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