“Everybody Dance Now!”

Yeah, I have been obsessed in the last month over learning how to dance.  I honestly do have some great moves but my hips are still in recovery from my youthful and emotional Captain Crunch binges……..  But when I hear the rhythm of the music playing in my ear and I get my groove on (especially if there is a mirror around), I can shoot out some silly old sweaty moves.   Yep!  I got MOOOOOOVES!  Funny as Hell.  But those crazy moves make me sweat and feel as free as a bird!!!   You’ll remember the song by C & C Music Factory, “Gonna Make You Sweat?”  The lyrics are “Gonna Make You Sweat Til Ya Bleed!”  Ouch!  Bleed?

Yup, Blood, Sweat and Tears!  That sounds so raw and painful.  And it is!   Cardio is kind of like giving up one’s soul!  But once you push your way through that first mile or 15 minutes of activity, the Aerobic cycle of muscle development kicks in and “POW” there is a conversion of Lactic Acid to Pyruvic Acid, which makes for some magical muscle tone transformations!!!   How do I know this?  Anatomy & Physiology Class.  Most funnest class ev’errrrrrrrrr! 🙂

So why give up one’s soul to dance?  Ok, maybe not your WHOLE SOUL but there truly is some type of magical transformative experience about dancing and exercising.  I have been trying to explain this to people for years even when I was “fatter.”

Let me try again.

Imagine if you will a middle aged women with surgery scars, pregnancy stretch marks and flabby skin in areas that will make you wonder if Dumbo has arrived.  Looking in the mirror is a chore.  The looking glass is staring back showing me all the abuse my body has endured since I was old enough to open a Twinkie® package.

But, over time and with consistent personal ‘mind control techniques,” this middle aged woman is starting to transform her body and her mind by “shape-shifting” (if you will) her whole life into the Happy Dance!  The mirror has lost it’s dreadful power against me!  MUHAHAHAHAHA! 🙂

If my body is the temple of God then quite frankly I should be able to communicate with it just as I would praying to the Master and set some ground rules about what is lurking around in my special places. (Adipose tissue (fat) and other toxic “stuff.)”   As Linda Blair gently put it “Get OUT” you nasty stored fat cells and stuck emotions that don’t belong with me anymore!  It is like an exorcism.  LOL!

As I step up on the always dreaded Treadmill, the first and foremost salvation to my success is headphones and iTunes.  I step on this beast consciously knowing that some serious deep breathing and the vibrational rhythm of my music will hypnotically get me into the mood to push myself harder, physically.   And then, we just GO.

Now, this…….. brings me to another subject……Music.  🎶

It is because of a plethora of unique music modalities written and performed by some great and powerful artists, that I am able to sustain my cardio for an hour or more.  I have to give a big shout out to the musical greats for perfoming such awesome songs, sounds and lyrics because quite frankly, your contribution to society is making me radically HEALTH CONSCIOUS! And, YES!  I AM OBSESSED WITH MUSIC!  🎶🎻✪

Someone once said to me that any music that was not speaking the name of Jesus was Satanic and should be burned!  WHAT?  Yep!  And I spent 10 years refusing to listen to any music other than Christian radio (in order to purify my soul from carnal knowledge) I destroyed some amazing CD’s and Cassette Tapes.  Some of these which would be priceless to have now.  (sigh)….

But once I realized the powerful stories behind all those musical lyrics I decided I would be an adult about what I listen to and try to resonate with the reasons behind the songs and the writings.

My change in audio-philosophy allowed me a different perspective on Pink Floyd’s “Comfortably Numb” or Elvis’ song “In the Ghetto.”  Those songs were written by someone who saw deeper into their psyche than most others and we all do find that music is the language of the Heart.  (Cardio)…….Oh and the song’s that Prince wrote are extremely prophetic.   Have you stopped to listen?

Once I let go of some of that fear of music and it’s soul purpose and meaning, a whole new awareness came to life for me.   And this is how The Reiki Station® was birthed.  The sounds of the legends are “reminders” that we are moving through space and time quickly but we are designed to be aware of the journey not live mindlessly and haphazardly making bad choices and binging on Captain Crunch as your staple.  (Death by a creepy sailor man. nice……..)

By using my Reiki energy techniques and applying them to fitness, I am able to tap into vibrational settings that allow my emotions to “just be” and I can dump off what does not serve me as I dance.  No more fit throwing.  No more petrifying anxiety about work and money.  No more jealous bathroom runs and screaming headaches.  Hell, I haven’t so much had a sniffle in years.   The chemicals in my brain thank me.

I can listen to the music while exercising and fully understand the philosophy of song and in turn, send Reiki Light and Love back to into the World by honoring the pain endured during the scribing of “said” songs.   It is like channelling.  #findyourchannelfindyourfreedom  (Sound Familiar).  And that is when I do my best Spiritual Warfare!  Prayers and Intentions shoot out of my crown chakra like lightening bolts!  There is no shame in that as long as your are harming none.  If I were in trouble, I would want someone like me to pray for me.  Cardio and Prayer.  Goes hand in hand and heart to heart. ❤️

Understanding music has taught me to listen more to my WHOLE Person and somehow I started naturally following the rhythm of my body while listening to music!   It is ASTOUNDING how it works!   I pay more attention now to my digestion, my elimination, my mental stress, my breathing, my hip and foot pain, my posture and my butt, which precisely is about to get into a size 10 jean and very comfortably might I add!  🙂 How is that for shape shifting!?!

My friends, this is where Reikirobics® comes in.  I have trademarked this program for dance and cardio and have no plans of doing much more with that because I have to certainly have time for my massage therapy.  But, if I can carve out a few days a month and teach you Reikirobics®, you just may find your channel and your freedom from localized fear by dancing your butt off in front of others.  The concept?

“Reikirobics® is for people who are generally uncomfortable shaking their body in front of others.  This class will energetically simplify the process of applying dance to cardio and is for everyone who wills.”

Can I be perfectly honest?  I have no idea how this is going to turn out but I am still going through with the process.  I am now CPA Certified and I am finishing up my Aerobics Training Certificate online as we speak!   Adding this to my upcoming Massage Therapy practice is going to be just what I need to put the cherry on top of the cake!

So, stay tuned for the final touches when it comes to The Reiki Station® and my new and improved service model.  The journey has been fun.  Hard as shit but a lot of fun!

And now, I, Holly Goodyear, am fully aware that the light at the end of my tunnel is NOT A TRAIN!   Praise Jesus!

Hey, now you wanna Dance????????

Find Your Channel!  Find Your Freedom!

Holly Goodyear & The Reiki Station®



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