“Inhale. Exhale. Release. Ahaaaahhh.”

That is where I am at right now…….everything is in motion.  Everything.  I set my mind on a plan and I stuck with it.  And now, the curtain is slowly being pulled back and the big reveal is that I am actually going to be sitting my my VERY own office space in just a few short weeks.  I am so excited.

But now the real work begins.  It is not to say that spending three years completely reconstructing your lifestyle has not been work because I feel like that is all I do really.  I work at home, in the car and on the computer from almost sun up, to dinner time.  Dinner time, it is family time and I TRY to shut it off!

I have practiced Reiki and Massage on well over 150 people and I am voluteering at companies and festivals to introduce the benefits of a 15 minute chair massage.  By the time I get my state licenses I bet I will have had 200 humans on my table and at least another 300 hundred on my chair by the time I finish with this summer’s waterfront festivities.   Whoa……how does all that happen?

Working……..a lot of hours……..for yourself.

So how come I find time to do a million videos on food, nutrition, exercise and fascia blasting?  How do I find time to post to community groups like Red Tent, Beach Body and The Reiki Station?  How do I find time to do laundry and shopping and pay bills and travel two cities four times a week and find time to party with sisters and have sex?  LOL.  How do I find time to talk to my son and my daughter and assure them that they are now at the age where life will propel them into amazing situations and they need to be ready.   How do I find time to visit my parents, my sisters, my brothers, my cousins and volunteer one day a week?  How do I find time to trim my nails, my nose hairs and my hohohoho…………….I will stop there??????????????

I consciously inhale, exhale, release and say ……ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh at almost every moment.  And we thought that was something the doctor taught us to say but…… Nope, it is the critical movement of survival when your world is spinning and you think the Vertigo will never go away………

People, we are on a serious ride now.  Life is moving faster and we all know it.  But, I am about to embark on a great journey as a therapist and educating myself on how to live my life in full awareness is the key to Happiness.   Storms and trials may face me.  My body may ache, and wrinkles and lines may come.  My husband may go deaf and I could get hit by a Twinkie truck tomorrow, but for today, I count my blessings and I say, “top O’ the morning’ to ya!”  I hope you have a great day!


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